Rating of the best detective series

Intricate crimes, brilliant investigations, exciting chases and incredible revelations give detective stories a special attraction. Interesting foreign and Russian detective series are viewed with pleasure by spectators of various professions and ages. The main thing is that the product is qualitatively removed and had a really fascinating plot.

Our rating of the best detective series is compiled from the feedback of the audience of the Afisha Mail project and includes ten wonderful multi-serial detectives for the last 30 years.

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  • 10. Murder of
  • 9. Twin Peaks
  • 8. Poirot
  • 7. Mentalist
  • 6. Detective Agency "Moonlight"
  • 5. Detective Monk
  • 4. Colombo
  • 3. Sherlock
  • 2. Pure English murders
  • 1. Commissioner Rex
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    10. Murder

    This series is a joint product of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Each of the two seasons is dedicated to investigating a particular crime. The main character of the series is the female detective Sarah Lund, brilliantly spinning the threads leading to the criminals, no matter how high the rank they did not occupy.

    9. Twin Peaks

    The best detective series in time become classics. And filmed in 1990, "Twin Peaks" - a confirmation. In a fictional town near the Canadian border, under the seemingly routine picture of everyday peaceful life, dark and impersonal facts lurk. From 1 to 16 series of the film filmed the legendary director David Lynch.

    8. Poirot

    This series based on the novels of Agatha Christie is notable for the fact that it was filmed in the homeland of the writer in the UK, and the brilliant play of actor David Susha. Even those who have never watched all 13 seasons of the series, imagine Hercule Poirot the way Susha created him.

    7. Mentalist

    Lacking psychic and good psychologist Patrick Jane knows how to penetrate into the essence of people's actions, guessing hidden motives and bringing criminals to clean water. Jane works as an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, hoping to attack the trail of the maniac who killed his family.

    6. Detective Agency "Moonlight"

    The series started in 1985 allows fans of Bruce Willis to see his idol with his hair. The main characters of the series are the owners of the detective agency: the former model of Maddy and the merry fellow and optimist David.

    5. Detective Monk

    Adrian Monk - the most original among the brilliant detectives. He is literally stuffed with all sorts of mania, phobias and neuroses. For example, the detective is afraid of milk. In investigations, Monk is helped by a nurse-sister. Through all the eight seasons, an investigation is under way into the murder of the detective's wife.

    4. Colombo

    The oldest among the detective series in the rating started in 1968.The inimitable Peter Falk very soon became inseparable from his hero. Clumsy, untidy and rude Colombo with an eternal cigar in his teeth was an incredibly charming character.

    3. Sherlock

    The British know a lot about detective stories! Three of the ten-detective series in the list were filmed by the British. The heroes of Conan Doyle are transferred to the present, they use Apple's gadgets and drive on modern cars. In general, more advanced Holmes with Watson, we have not seen.

    At the end of the year, the series entered with a list of the best for the 2013-2014 season, more. ..

    2. Purely English murders

    All the bloodiest crimes in this series occur against the background of perfect English lawns and parks. The main character detective Barnaby interrogates the truly British ladies and gentlemen, examining the most intricate twists and turns of the criminal drama.

    1. Commissioner Rex

    German Shepherd Wrex Rex faithfully serves in criminal police Vienna. The adventures of Rex and his companions spanned 15 seasons, which took place on TV from 1994 to 2004.The series was awarded several awards in Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain.