Rating of the best screen versions of books, The Guardian version 2016

The story of a boy who survived, grew up and won over Lord Voldemort de Morte led the list of the best book adaptations. This is reported by The Guardian, referring to a survey conducted among residents of the UK.It involved 2 thousand people, 32% of them named the best screen version of books about Harry Potter. In the screen version of the books of 2016 also included "Hunger Games", "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Godfather".

Here are the books that are included in the top 10 most popular adaptations.


10. "Forrest Gump"

  • 9. "Hobbit"
  • 8. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
  • 7. "Green Mile"
  • 6. Jason Bourne Pro Series
  • 5. James Bond Series
  • 4. "Lord of the Rings "
  • 3." Escape from Shawshank "
  • 2." Christmas Song "
  • 1. Harry Potter series
  • 10." Forrest Gump "

    Author: Winston Grum

    A sentimental story about a mentally handicapped but completely harmless person with an openthe soul that was brilliantly played by Tom Hanks. Forrest teaches Elvis Presley to dance, becomes a war hero, meets John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, opens a lucrative shrimp business and at the same time remains sincere, naive and kind.

    9. "Hobbit"

    Author: John R.R.Tolkien

    It's not an easy task to screen Tolkien's cult books. One wrong step and you will be attacked by thousands of fans. However, Peter Jackson has already proved that he can deal with difficult matters by removing the "Lord of the Rings".And with the "Hobbit" he coped perfectly well, as evidenced by the numerous laudatory reviews of critics and spectators.

    8. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

    Author: Roald Dahl

    The Willy Wonki factory can surprise even the most sophisticated sweet tooth. There is a Chocolate River and Nut room, and candies that never conceal. A charismatic owner of the factory( it was played by Johnny Depp) is a mad genius who will punish bad children and reward the good ones.

    7. "Green Mile"

    Author: Stephen King

    Another book adaptation of the film, in which the brilliant Tom Hanks played. Watch this movie better without children, since it is quite heavy, on prison subjects."Green mile" is the road to the electric chair and it must be passed by John Coffey, a black giant with unusual abilities, accused of killing two girls.

    6. Jason Bourne's series

    Author: Robert Ludlum

    Matt Damon's Jason Bourne looks as interesting and dynamic as Bondiana. With Bond, everything is always clear, he will get out of any trouble, with a smile and in a clean( well, perhaps slightly touched by soot from the next explosion) suit. And Born wants to empathize, he alone confronts special services and his superiority is the result of not supermanstva, but a thorough analysis of the situation and lightning-fast reaction.

    5. James Bond series

    Author: Ian Fleming

    Clever, polite, ironic, exquisitely dressed and at the same time an extra-class spy. What else is needed to charm the spectators and cause envy and a desire to imitate the male audience? In the role of James Bond at different times starred eminent actors: Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton. Currently, he is played by Daniel Craig. As some people joke, it's Bond with Ryazan's face.

    4. "Lord of the Rings"

    Author: John R.R.Tolkien

    Of course, this trilogy, already become a gold fantasy classic, could not help but get into the top 10 best books that were filmed. It took 7 years to create it.

    3. "Escape from Shawshank"

    Author: Stephen King

    Everyone who goes to Shawshank prison faces lawlessness and cruelty. However, young banker Andy, unfairly accused of murder, refuses to put up with the prison reality. Being condemned for life, he plans to escape.

    2. "Christmas Song"

    Author: Charles Dickens

    A good family picture of why it is important to remember good feelings, and not blindly pursue wealth. Fortunately, the spirits of Christmas will give everyone a second chance to correct their mistakes.

    1. Harry Potter series

    Author: Joanne Rowling

    It's hard to find in Russia a child or an adult who has no idea about Harry Potter. A kind, brave, clever wizard boy and his friends became for many idols and role models. A beautiful actor's game, colorful heroes, mean and cunning, but very memorable villains, a twisted plot - that's an incomplete list of the virtues of Potter.