The most anticipated men's films in February 2015

Users of the largest portal about the film industry "Kinoiskisk" have identified the list of films of February 2015 , which the male audience of the CIS and Baltic countries is eagerly waiting for.


  • 1. Ascent of Jupiter
  • 2. Kingsman: Secret service of
  • 3. Mordecai
  • 4. Focus of
  • 5. Fifty shades of gray

1. Ascent of Jupiter

The first place with the 93% index is the American action film "Climbing Jupiter".The premiere in Russia is scheduled for the next day after the world - on February 5.

The directors of the most anticipated film were the married couple Andy and Lara Wachowski. In the center of the story is the story of the life of the cleaner Jupiter Jones. The girl was born under a night sky and often sees stars in a dream. However, the destiny of the villain does everything to remove it from the desired firmament.

At one time the girl's life is changing. She meets the military hunter Kane, who reveals her true destiny. But the way Jupiter to the legacy-balance of the universe is full of dangers.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service of

The film "Kingsman: Secret Service", the figure of which is identical to "The Ascent of Jupiter", took second place due to the release date scheduled for February 12.In the world box office the picture debuted on December 13, 2014.Western analogue of the IMDb Movie Search awarded the creation of Matthew Vaughn score 8 points.

The expected men's film of February is based on a comic book. The action takes place in a super-secret organization. Special agent, who will soon retire, is instructed to prepare a shift.

For the internship comes a reckless, but promising young guy. Together with his teacher and his colleagues, the newly-minted agent will have to reflect the security threat emanating from the talented genius. ..

3. Mordecai

Bronze gets the premiere on February 19 - the militant "Mordecai".93% of men expect it.

Creation of David Kapp is akin to "Focus".The key character becomes a courteous art-businessman, concurrently a crook, Charles Mordecai. He was instructed to find the stolen picture, in which the code of the cell with Nazi gold was encrypted. On the way to the goal, he has to resolve the situation with the intelligence services of the three countries, as well as find time for joy with his wife.

4. Focus

In the step of bronze with a result of 92%, the criminal drama of the US production "Focus" stopped. The Russian viewer will see her on the screens on February 26, just the day after the premiere in the world.

Glenn Fikkara and John Rekua became directors and screenwriters of the drama. The protagonist is an experienced rascal who meets a young girl who learns the skills of scam and money weaning.

Love flashes between them in the process. However, soon the heroes understand that romance hinders business.

5. Fifty shades of gray

The last place in the list of expected premieres of February went to the film "Fifty shades of gray".The next work of the American director Sam Taylor-Johnson is expected by 80% of the audience of the Film Search.

Anastacia is a quiet student who lives with her classmate Ket. A neighbor asks her friend to interview billionaire Christian Gray, as she gets sick the week before graduation. The interview is problematic, and Anastacia puts an end to the dream of re-meeting him. However, Gray appears on the threshold of the store in which the student works. Their meetings become regular and she learns about the rich man's affection for the stars. The rating of the film is expected of many critics at the level of 7-8 points.