Foreign historical series, the list of the best in 2015

TV shows devoted to the events of the past are very popular, because we like to learn about the life of our ancestors with the help of visual narration. However, it is difficult to find a good historical series, combining a beautiful game actors with the appropriate historical realities scenery. To facilitate viewers' choice, Ranker's site compiled the list of the best foreign historical series , which are worth seeing in 2015.


  • 5. Outlander stranger( 2014-present)
  • 4. Borgia "The Borgias"( 2011-2013)
  • 3. Tudors "The Tudors"( 2007-2010)
  • 2Deadwood "(2004-2006)
  • 1. Rome« Rome »(2005-2007)

5. Outlander stranger( 2014-present)

Rating of the cinema: 7.7

Рейтинг IMDb:8.6

Many people dream of moving back in time, but at the same time they even approximate where they want to go. And Claire Randall, a military nurse from the 40s of the 20th century, did not have an opportunity to choose an era. Walking near the Scottish stone circles, she moves in 1743 and in order to survive and find a way to return to her time, she is forced to marry a Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser."The Stranger", which opens the top of the historical series, bribes the viewer with a magnificent reconstruction of costumes and everyday life of the 18th century, atmospheric music, and beautiful views of the nature of Scotland. The series consists of 29 series and two seasons.

4. Borgia "The Borgias"( 2011-2013)

Cinema Rating: 8.0

Rating IMDb: 8.0

You may have heard of a small show of the television company Showtime called "Borgia".It was created by Neil Jordan( "Cruel Game", "Interview with the Vampire") and is a description of the complete violence, sex and betrayal of the life of the most famous family of the 16th century. The Borgia family, led by the Pope of Alexander VI( in the world of Rodrigo Borgia), removes all who stand on their way to power over Europe.

3. Tudors «The Tudors»( 2007-2010)

Rating of film search: 8.0

Rating IMDb: 8.1

History of the reign of Henry VIII, when he was not obese and bearded. Despite some historical "bloopers"( Henry was in reality red-haired, the sister of the king was called Maria, and not Margaret, Henry Fitzroy died 17 years old, not 6-7 years old, etc.), the series makes an excellentwork, showing the interaction of passions and politics, luxurious suits, palace interiors, and a tightening atmosphere of palace intrigues. For all this "Tudors" and hit the top-3 of the best historical series.

2. Deadwood Deadwood( 2004-2006)

Rating of the movie search: 8.1

Rating IMDb: 8.8

The historical drama of David Milcho takes us to the rural district of South Dakota, in 1870.Although the series consists of only three seasons, he managed to show how a small camp of gold miners called "Deadwood" is gradually turning into a city. And all this in the harsh realities of the Wild West, when the murders were just as routine as, say, drinking in the saloon. Although the case occurs at the end of the 19th century, Milch did not include obscene language in the TV series;instead, the heroes say "Curse!" and "come along you!".

In "Deadwood" you will not find washed and sleek handsome men, depicting noble cowboys and no less noble Indians. This series is for those who want to see without embellishment, as there was a country that is now called the United States of America. Unsanitary conditions and diseases, death and blood, brothels and gold rush, and all this is flavored with good irony.

1. Rome «Rome»( 2005-2007)

Rating of film search: 8.5

Rating IMDb: 8.9

Headed the best historical serials of foreign production. The cooperation between HBO and the BBC turned out to be extremely fruitful. It has made it possible to combine HBO's penchant for a harsh and uncompromising drama with the BBC's habit of carefully checking the facts that will be shown in the series and attracting a star cast to the crew. It is unlikely that any other series would have been so brilliant, detailed, and most importantly - realistically show the transformation of Rome from the republic to the empire, to win a high rating of the audience.

The series, consisting of 2 seasons, demonstrates the rise of Julius Caesar and the impact he has on the citizens of Rome as a whole. Perfectly depicted lustful sexual mores of the ancient period."Rome" is worth seeing for those who want to learn about the greedy, cruel, depraved, but at the same time bright and interesting life of the Eternal City, shown by the eyes of ordinary citizens( the two main characters are Lucia Voren and Titus Poulion).