Russian TV series: a list of the best series of 2015-2016

According to a survey carried out by sociologists of the holding "Ramir" in 2012, 81% of Russians watch the series constantly and with pleasure. And although foreign TV series such as Doctor House or the Game of Thrones enjoy constant love from Russian viewers, Russian cinema also has something to boast about.

We present you the most interesting Russian series. The list of the best TV series 2015-2016 is based on the ratings of the popular service "KinoBeach".

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  • 15. "How I became a Russian"( 2015)
  • 14. "Young Guard"( 2015)
  • 13. "Money"( 2016)
  • 12. "Spider"( 2015)
  • 11. "London. Know ours "(2015)
  • 10. Temporarily Unavailable( 2015)
  • 9. Red Queen( 2015)
  • 8. Quest( 2015)
  • 7. Moms( 2015)
  • 6." Quiet Flows the Don ""(2015)
  • 5." Police officer with Rublevki "(2016)
  • 4." Mentovskie Voiny 9 "(2015)
  • 3." Treason "(2015)
  • 2." Method "(2015)
  • 1." The game.(2016)

15. "How I became a Russian"( 2015)

Genre: Comedy

It's not easy for an American to understand the mysterious Russian soul. And it is necessary. American Post journalist Alex Wilson, who is forced to spend a long time in Russia, starts a blog. In it, he tries to answer the question "what is it like to be Russian?".

14. "Young Guard"( 2015)

Genre: military drama

Yesterday's schoolchildren create an underground organization in the German-occupied town of Krasnodon. Patriotic cinema, although not quite the same as the novel of the same name by Alexander Fadeev.

13. "Money"( 2016)

Genre: melodrama

The series takes place during the Soviet era. The talented scientist Aleksei Barannikov, who is unlucky in life, occasionally observes the murder of a counterfeiter.

Exhausted by lack of money and complicated relationships with his wife, Alexei decides on a crazy scam.

12. "Spider"( 2015)

Genre: criminal thriller, detective

Major Cherkasov is to investigate the murder of the fashion model from the Fashion House. And soon another girl dies. In parallel with this event, Goznak's bold robbery takes place. A series for those who like detectives a la "Soviet realities."

11. "London. Know ours »(2015)

Genre: Drama

A series with a good cast( Nikita Efremov, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Pavel Ilyin), high-quality work of the operator and pleasant musical accompaniment. The plot is based on the history of the agency that solves the problems of Russians in a foreign country.

10. "Temporarily Unavailable"( 2015)

Genre: Comedy

By coincidence, an honest member of the Investigative Committee Anton Pletnev and lawyer Slava Zolotov( Dmitriy Dyuzhev and Sergey Bezrukov), running from bandits, change their documents. Now the "investigator" Zolotov is to travel to the town of Velikozelsk and fight with the unclean mayor, and to Pletnev, who has undergone amnesia, memory is slowly returning. Uncomplicated TV series in the style of "Slaughter Force", with simple, but unreliable humor, adventures and crime.

9. "Red Queen"( 2015)

Genre: biographical drama

Rating of Russian TV series 2015-2016 continues the story of life and love of the famous Soviet model Regina Zbarskaya. Spectators praise the "Red Queen" for beautiful costumes, a great soundtrack and a decent acting game.

8. Quest( 2015)

Genre: thriller, adventure of

A team of 6 young people poisoned with an unknown poison will have to solve a series of complex puzzles within 72 hours. The reward for the survivors in the tests will be an antidote and an acquaintance with the mysterious puppeteer who is behind the quests.

7. "Mummies"( 2015)

Genre: Comedy

When diapers come to replace entertainment and quiet sleep, life does not end, and adventure is just beginning. Funny sitok about the "experienced mom", "starting mom" and "not yet mom", with well-opened characters of characters and intrigue, forcing to wait for the second season.

6. "Quiet Flows the Don"( 2015)

Genre: Drama

The love story of the Cossack Grigory Melekhov and the married beauty-Cossack Aksinya against the backdrop of the life of the Don in the turning and terrible years of the 20th century. Many do not like the "rehash" of Soviet serials, with the most memorable and charismatic characters. However, "Quiet Flows the Don" is a pleasant exception in the series of remakes. An excellent selection of actors and beautiful music contribute to the fact that the younger generation is interested in the great novel of Sholokhov, and the older generation does not spit from modern film adaptation.

5. "The policeman with Rublevki"( 2016)

Genre: crime comedy, drama

Is it hard to maintain law and order in the most elite area of ​​Russia? This question will be answered by the rich police officer Grisha Izmaylov. The love line, black humor and ridicule of society's vices are attached.

4. "Mentovskie Voiny 9"( 2015)

Genre: detective

In the ninth season Roman Shilov will return again. He goes to the department, which deals with high-profile crimes. And the first resonant case for which the department of Shilov is taken is an explosion in the shopping center of one of the Karelian cities.

During the investigation of the crime, Shilov is facing her acquaintance, Marianna, who needs his help. It promises changes in the personal life of the minister of law.

3. "Treason"( 2015)

Genre: melodrama

The woman has a husband, there are three lover. And is there any happiness at the same time? The story of how people can get confused in their own lies and solve some problems to immediately "get in" with new ones. The idea of ​​the series is uncomplicated, but the acting is at the highest level. And no sugary maxims and happy endings, which are so famous for melodramas.

2. "Method"( 2015)

Genre: crime drama, thriller

The stories with a detective plot already fell into the best Russian series 2015-2016.The list of the best detectives is headed this time, not just a movie about maniacs, cruelty and corpses. This is an attempt to answer the question: do you recognize any murder as evil?

Investigator Rodion Meglin( Konstantin Khabensky) is able to uncover the most difficult cases. However, working with him is a dubious pleasure. This was necessary to convince Trainee Esen, yesterday's graduate of law faculty.

1. "The game. Revenge »(2016)

Genre: detective

Three years have passed since the confrontation between Colonel Pavel Belov and the impudent criminal Alexei Smolin. Smolin is serving a life sentence in prison, and Belov, who has changed his job, finally can sleep peacefully at night.

But one day Belov notices Smolin on the street, which means that his personal enemy is at large. And fate forces the hero and villain to work together, since Belov has opponents much worse than Smolin.