The 10 Most Expected Cartoons of 2017

Even strict businesswomen and brutal machos like cartoons. They can be viewed by the whole family, and the animated tapes are sometimes so exciting and instructive that they will give odds to many blockbuster movies. To make it easier for you to navigate the novelties of animation, we present the most anticipated cartoons of 2017, selected based on two criteria: the rating of users' expectations of "Film Search" and the date of the premiere.


  • 10. "Ballerina"
  • 9. "Lego film: Batman"
  • 8. "The beast"
  • 7. "Oorfene Deuce and his wooden soldiers"
  • 6. "Spark"
  • 5. "Wheelbarrow 3"
  • 4"The Despicable Me 3"
  • 3. "The Perfect"
  • 2. "The Lego Film: Ninjago"
  • 1. "Coco"

10. "The Ballerina"

The premiere is on January 26th.

Opens the animated hit parade French-Canadian picture of an orphaned girl who is asleep and sees dancing in the ballet. Following the dream, she comes to Paris and becomes a student in the Grand Opera.

9. "Lego film: Batman"

It will be released in the cinemas of Russia - February 9.

We saw Batman in different ways: in mask and without, in films and animated series. It's time for him to appear as a lego-toy in the most anticipated cartoons of 2017.In the list, besides Batman, other lego-heroes have also fallen, we will describe them below.

Together with the faithful team-mate Robin Batman will defend his native Gotham from the mad Joker and no less insane Harley Quinn. And Batman will have to deal not only with the villainous couple, but also with the responsibility for the education of Robin.

8. "The beast"

The date of the premiere is March 2.

In the city of talking animals, theater impresario Buster Moon tries to save his theater by organizing a singing competition. However, the show becomes more grandiose than the organizer expected, because in its finale are participating five completely different contestants.

7. "Oorfene Deuce and his Wooden Soldiers"

Released in Russia - April 20.

Many in childhood read the magnificent fairy tale of A. Volkov about the gloomy and grumpy carpenter and his wooden army besieging the Emerald City. Let's see if the screen adaptation of history is as good as the book. The Russian cartoons were acted on by such Russian celebrities as Konstantin Khabensky, Sergey Shnurov and Dmitry Dyuzhev.

6. "Spark"

Published in Russia - April 22.

A small monkey named Spark and her friends have a task - to return the planet Bana, which is captured by the evil lord Zhong. Spark learns about Zhong's secret plan - to capture the giant cosmic monster known as Kraken. This beast can create black holes. If Zhong succeeds in using the energy of Kraken, he will rule the entire universe.

5. "Wheelbarrows 3"

Look in the Russian cinemas since June 15.

In the list of expected cartoons in 2017, the third story about Lightning McQueen entered. He is determined to prove to the new generation of racers that he is still the best racing car in the world. In a difficult competitive struggle, adventures with new friends await him, as well as the realization that not only speed and a powerful motor are important for a real champion.

4. "Despicable Me 3"

Premiere - June 29.

And another trickle hit the most anticipated cartoons in 2017.The list of main characters is unchanged: a large ex-villain, a charming agent and( where without) a lot of minions. Maybe this cartoon will not get into the best cartoons of all time, but have you seen many well-made, positive and non-standard stories about a re-educated bad guy, and even with a parent instinct?

3. "Rasprekrasny"

The beginning of the show in Russia - August 10.

If you are a princess, then your destiny is to be engaged to a prince. But how to be, if only three princesses became engaged with one prince? And all the blame is the irresistible attraction of Prince Philip, who leaves behind a train of broken hearts. In the end, the annoyed father sets the young prince an ultimatum: to find true love before his 21st birthday or lose all rights to the throne.

2. "Lego film: Ninjago"

Will appear in the film distribution since September 21.

In the top 10 most awaited cartoons of 2017, another cartoon with Lego characters came. The six young ninjas are assigned to protect their island of Ninjago. At night, they are talented warriors who fight villains and monsters, using their combat skills and vehicles. And in the afternoon they are ordinary teenagers and are fighting against their main enemy - high school.

1. "Coco"

The output is scheduled for November 23.

The leader of the novelties of the movie of 2017, or rather the most anticipated cartoons, and the rating of expectations( 96%) and the time of the show. A 12-year-old boy named Miguel dreams of a musician's career, but in his family music is taboo. Once for the sake of music, Miguel's great-grandfather left his great-grandmother. In pursuit of his dream, Miguel will have to visit the Land of the Dead and meet with his idol, singer Ernesto de la Cruz and the spirits of loved ones.