The most popular cartoons from Russians in 2016

Cartoons in Russia are as popular as celebrities and food. This is evidenced by the results of the analysis of search requests conducted by Yandex experts.

With cartoons associated with about 4.5 million daily requests. Users are interested in characters, plot twists, songs from cartoons, etc. Of the Soviet cartoons, the greatest number of inquiries falls on "Well, wait!", And from the Japanese anime - "Fairy tail".In this case, fans of anime are extremely rarely interested in other cartoons. And those who are looking for Soviet cartoons are also interested in Russian and foreign animated series for younger children.

is the most popular cartoons for Russians :


  • 10. "Lady Bug and Supercoat"
  • 9. "My Little Pony - Friendship is a Miracle"
  • 8. "The Outbreak and Miracle Machines"
  • 7. "Winx Club- School of the Sorceresses »
  • 6." Fixicles "
  • 5." Phipp's Pig "
  • 4." Luntik "
  • 3." Barboskiny "
  • 2." Puppy Patrol "
  • 1." Masha and the Bear "

10." Lady Bugand Supercot »

The events of this 26-series animated series are unfolding in modern Paris. There, a girl named Marinetta Dupan-Chen and her friend and classmate Adrian Agrest are studying in high school. When the city is in danger, Marinett turns into Lady Bug, while Adrian turns into Super Cat. At the same time, both superheroes do not know about each other's real personalities. Together they fight to protect their beloved city from the mysterious villain Brazhnik. The theme of superheroes can be traced in the most anticipated cartoons of 2017.

9. "My Little Pony - Friendship is a Miracle"

A cartoon about the adventures of a unicorn girl named Twilight Sparkle from the magic country of Equestria. It has a nice animation, which does not tire the eyes of the kids, beautiful music and interesting characters that win with kindness and spontaneity.

8. "Flash and wonder machines"

The story of the boy AJ and his pickup truck named Vspysh. Friends together participate in races and fight with the truck Krushila, ready for any meanness for the sake of victory.

7. "Winx Club - School of Sorceresses"

The series about girls-wizards has appeared so popular that some have started to use its heroines in the dirty purposes. In social networks, a methodology appeared, in which, allegedly, the method of turning Winx into a fairy was described. For this, the girl needed to read the magic words at midnight, and then imperceptibly for adults to take certain actions with the stove, then go back to bed and fall asleep. Then, the creators of the methodology "... will go the magic gas."As long as you breathe them in a dream, you will become a fairy! "In awe of such a company, Rainbow( the owner of the rights to the Winx Club brand) decided to file an application with the law enforcement agencies to find and punish the persons distributing the manual.

6. "Fixics"

Among the most popular cartoons in 2016 in Russia was the Russian series about miniature people living inside different devices and caring for them. It is based on the story-fairy tale "Guaranteed Little People", written by Eduard Uspensky. An excellent cartoon for children who love to mess with technology.

5. "Pimp's Pig"

An English animated series with a somewhat strange but funny drawing. His main character is Peppa, a pig who lives with his mother, father and brother. All her adventures come to the end safely and do not tire the audience, as the series lasts five minutes.

4. "Luntik"

The story of a fluffy little creature that fell from the Moon to Earth. He, like small children, is not familiar with the device of the world around him and does not understand a lot of simple things, but he learns very quickly with the help of friends.

3. "Barboskiny"

The series about mom, dad and five gay puppies is included in the top 3 best Russian cartoons in 2016.Barboskins are very similar in behavior to people: dad spends time at the computer, daughters are crazy about singer Jeanne Pussy, and sons play football.

2. "Puppy Patrol"

The Canadian animated series about the adventures of the 10-year-old boy Zik Ryder and his team of six puppies. Puppy patrol helps people and animals who are in danger.

1. "Masha and the Bear"

The story of a kind hyperactive girl and a calm bear has become the leader of popular Russian cartoons. Children easily associate themselves with Masha. But the opinions of adults are divided. Some consider Masha an impudent, annoying and disobedient character, while others praise her for the positive and charming. The advantages of the series include beautiful graphics, light humor and memorable soundtracks.