Rating of the best cartoons of 2013

Modern cartoons are loved by adults and children alike. Often, the popularity of animated films is not inferior to the real cinema, and the animated characters become real megastars.

Yesterday we chose the best films of 2013, and today we present the rating of the best cartoons of 2013 , which included 5 paintings that deserved the most enthusiastic reviews of the public.


  • 5. Ku! Kin-dza-dza
  • 4. The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend. Part 2
  • 3. Escape from planet Earth
  • 2. Families of Kruds
  • 1. Corporation of monsters 3D

5. Ku! Kin-dza-dza

This full-length animated film was created based on the satirical fantasy "Kin-dza-dza" of 1986.Former were the director Georgy Danelia and the composer Gia Kancheli. Despite the fact that the action time and the main characters have been changed, the cartoon has much in common with the real film: dialogues, plot, philosophical meaning. As the target audience, the creators of the cartoon are teenagers and adults under the age of 35.The tape turned out not so expensive as the other cartoons of 2013, included in the top five, - the budget was 140 thousand rubles. The fees in the Russian box office amounted to more than $ 500,000.For the first 10 days of renting a cartoon film was watched by 65 thousand spectators.

4. The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend. Part 2

Batman returns to the fight against violence and lawlessness in the company of superhero girl Carrie Kelly. The fearless duo gives a stern rebuff to the Joker and the Two-faced. And at the end of the story, the hero has to fight his former ally, Superman. The budget of the cartoon was $ 3.5 million. The popularity of the animation tape was greatly contributed by the release in 2012 of the film "The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend".Moreover, many critics note that the animation version received a more intimate script, in which there are fewer inconsistencies. The cartoon is recommended for viewers over 13 years of age. The director of the tape was Jay Oliva, who released the first part of the "Renaissance of the Legend".

3. Escape from planet Earth

The animation tape of the joint US-Canadian production has a budget of $ 40 million. Two brothers from the distant planet Baab receive a signal from S.O.S.from an unknown and dangerous planet called Earth. Here the brothers are waiting for exciting adventures, but their main goal is to return home. The fees at the box office amounted to $ 55 million. In the original version, the cartoon was voiced by Sarah Jessica Parker, Brendan Fraser and Jessica Alba. The Russian version was dubbed by Eugene Stychkin and Ivan Zharkov. The film is recommended for viewers of all ages.

2. Family Kruds

The most expensive tape in the top five, containing the best cartoons, has a budget of $ 135 million. The fees at the box office amounted to $ 429 million. The cartoon tells about the adventures of a prehistoric family, whose house was destroyed by an earthquake. To help Krudsam comes the young nomad Malaya, whose progressive views shock the conservative father of the family. The cartoon is intended for a wide audience of all ages. In Russia, "Krudsov" was watched by 3.6 million viewers. The soundtrack to the film was written by the famous composer Alan Silvestri.

1. Monster Corporation 3D

The popular cartoon of 2001 was re-released in three-dimensional format, which required investing $ 115 million in the picture. The film is intended for a wide audience of all ages. The plot of the picture, which led rating cartoons 2013 , remained unchanged. Monsters, extracting energy from children's screams, penetrate into the world of people and frighten kids. A terrible mess in the city of monsters causes the appearance of a little girl Boo. With an uninvited guest, Sally's monster made friends and found out that the children are not at all dangerous, and it's high time for the city's fear station to be renamed into a laughing station.