Best movies of 2014

World cinema stores a lot of masterpieces, exciting and interesting films of different genres. And every year this piggy bank is replenished with novelties worthy of spectator attention.

Today we offer the rating of the best films of 2014 , the list of which includes 15 of the most popular paintings that received the highest ratings of viewers and critics' reviews.

The best films of past years are collected on the page: Film ratings.


  • 15. Divergent
  • 14. Need for Speed: Thirst for speed
  • 13. Noah
  • 12. Air Marshal
  • 11. Lego
  • 10. Maleficenta
  • 9. The First Avenger: Another war
  • 8. Ordinary heart
  • 7. Free
  • 6. Raid 2
  • 5. Calvary
  • 4. X-Men: Days of the Past-Future
  • 3. The Face of the Future
  • 2. Grand Budapest Hotel
  • 1. How to Train Your Dragon 2

15. Divergent

The action of this fantastic melodrama unfolds onEarth of the future. The leitmotif of the picture is the struggle against the established despotic order and, of course, love. All the actors involved in the main roles before the shooting were trained in the military camp, since the film has a lot of spectacular fights.

14. Need for Speed: Thirst for speed

The film, based on the cult game, was filmed not only in the US, but also in the Philippines. Viewers will be able to see supercars like The Koenigsegg Agera R, GTA Spano, Saleen S-7, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, McLaren P-1, and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

13. Noah

A drama in fantasy style tells the story of the savior of all mankind, who appears in the role of a devoted father, and in the guise of a real warrior. The main role was played by Russell Crowe.

12. Air Marshal

The action of an exciting action movie begins on board an intercontinental flight. Air Marshal Bill Marx should save the passengers of the aircraft, which, it seems, is doomed to perish from the bomb laid by the terrorist maniac.

11. Lego

Fans of the most popular designer in the world will surely appreciate this family animated film. The plot is built on the idea of ​​fighting good figures-lego against the bad. In the voice of the Russian version participated Alexander Revva and Gosha Kutsenko.

10. Maleficenta

The budget of this melodramatic fantasy was $ 180 million. A new and unusual interpretation of the story of the sleeping beauty only in the first 2 weeks at the box office collected more than $ 420 million.

9. The First Avenger: The Other War

Captain America is trying to lead an ordinary life, but is once again at the center of events that threaten an unprecedented catastrophe all over the world. To prevent the apocalypse, Steve Rogers enters into an alliance with the Black Widow, as well as a new ally - Falcon.

8. Ordinary heart

In the story, the activist of the homosexual movement is trying to raise the problem of AIDS in society. The film featured Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Jim Parson, Taylor Kitsch.

7. Free game

The documentary is dedicated to the tournament for the game Dota 2. Three players from different countries are fighting for a million dollars. The picture tells about e-sports as a serious professional hobby.

6. Raid 2

The plot of the criminal thriller is a continuation of the first part of the dilogy. Survived after the bloody hell, the former commando Rama avenges himself for the death of his brother, penetrating into the very heart of a cohesive criminal syndicate.

5. Calvary

The story of St. James's father is not simple - it's also a penitent sinner, whose confession begins with the words "I'll kill you," and a fight in the pub, and the arson of the church. To guide his flock along the path of true faith to the priest helps a cheerful sense of humor.

4. X-Men: Days of the Past of the Future

In the next series of their incredible adventures, mutants will encounter robotic hunters. In order to survive, mutants need to go back to the past and prevent fateful events for the present.

3. The Edge of the Future

A fantastic action movie with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt talks about an alien invasion. To defeat, Major William Cage is forced to fight the same battle over and over again, dying and returning to the system.

2. Hotel Grand Budapest

A detective comedy of joint British-German production tells about the adventures of the concierge Gustav and his faithful friend - porter Zero Mustafa. The action takes place in Europe between the two World Wars.

1. How to Train a Dragon 2

The best film of 2014, the is an adventure cartoon that shot more than $ 54 million for shooting. The film takes place 5 years after the events of the first part of the "dragon saga".And again the welfare of all the Vikings depends on the boy Icking and his friend Bezubik.