Top 10 films of the summer of 2014

The long-awaited summer has come. Someone prefers to spend the days walking around, or lying on the beaches. Well, the movie fans are in anticipation of the premieres, which will bring us this season. What awaits the audience on the screens of the cinemas?

The most anticipated tape of the coming summer, undoubtedly, is considered "Superiority" from director Wally Pfister, in which Johnny Depp starred. The premiere took place in early June.

And on August 7, the release of an action movie "Towards a Storm" from Stephen Quayle is expected. The picture will please fans of action games about disasters and natural disasters.

To take a fateful decision together with the soul of the talented girl Mia who got into a car accident, the opportunity will come to domestic film fans during the premiere of RJ Cutler's film "If I Stay", which will be held on August 28, 2014.

Special attention of film fans is focused on "Sin City 2: A Woman for the sake of which it is worth to kill" from the legendary Frank Miller with Jessica Alba in the title role. To the great regret, in connection with the seven-year break between the premiers of the first and second parts of the film, the actors Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan died. Therefore, other actors were selected for their roles.

The second part of "Macho and Botan" comes out on the screens of world cinemas. Our characters now work under a deep cover in a typical local college. When one of them became friends with the player of the football team, and the second joined the luxurious bohemian environment, the question arose about the strength of their friendship between the guys. Premiere in the world on June 5, and in the domestic space - July 3.

Another sequel will please us with the movie "The Expendables-3", which surpasses the best films of 2014 by the number of simultaneously filmed superstars, including Sylvester Stalone, Antonio Banderas, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others. During the unsuccessful filming of one of the scenes of the picture, Jason Steimem nearly drowned.

Russian crime comedy "All at Once", from the creators of the tape "Bitterly", combines a lot of drive, enthusiasm and wit. The premiere took place on June 5 and the rating of the film critics was 7.26 points, which is quite a high result for the comedies of modern domestic production.

Kinoleto will please young spectators with the sequel to "How to Train Your Dragon" by DreamWorks Animation. The cartoon uses the latest technology, which makes the characters more realistic and lively.

Fantastic drama "Dedicated" from director Philip Noyce, shot based on the book by Lois Lowry "The Giver", will be released for the first time on the screens of theaters on August 14, 2014.The picture will please fans of anti-utopias.

July 24 will be the release of the novelty from Zach Braff "I would like to be here" about how the 35-year-old actor and father wants to finally find a place in life and looking for more and more new things themselves.

We hope that the aforementioned premieres will justify their expectations and will please film lovers around the world.