Top 10 films about dances, the list of the best

Dancing is the oldest form of self-expression. And in the best films about dances, the characters express themselves very nicely. The list of the best films is made according to the rating of the pictures on the site "Film Search" and the reviews of users. The top 10 included motion pictures of different dance styles( from break to ballet) and genres( from comedy to thriller).


  • 10. Behind me the last dance( 2001)
  • 9. Street dances( 2004)
  • 8. Step forward 2( 2008)
  • 7. The Brotherhood of the Dance( 2007)
  • 6. Burlesque( 2010)
  • 5. Step forward(2006)
  • 4. Chicago( 2002)
  • 3. Keep the rhythm( 2006)
  • 2. The Black Swan( 2010)
  • 1. La Lalande( 2016)

10. Behind me the last dance( 2001)

Rating - 7.2

Opens the list of the best contemporary films about the dance story of the girl Sarah, who dreamed of becoming a ballerina. However, having moved to his father in Chicago and got to the school where the majority of black students are, she realized that her ballet dads do not have success at local parties. Sarah's classmate, Derek, teaches her the wisdom of hip-hop and in the course of her studies the student falls in love with the teacher. The picture is sure to please teenagers, it has many beautiful movements, bright young heroes and interesting musical compositions.

9. Street dances( 2004)

Rating - 7.3

The weak plot of this youth musical drama does not distract attention from the main thing - just hurricane modern street dances. Incendiary music, excellent choreography, charismatic dancers, and energy from the screen is just off scale.

8. Step forward 2( 2008)

Rating - 7.3

The sequel "Step forward", located in the compilation in fifth place. Since childhood, in love with the dance girl Andy will make a difficult choice between friends and classes at the Maryland School of Art. And she has long been dreaming of winning the underground dance competition "Streets".Who will win in the heart of Andy - an old friendship or a future career?

7. The Brotherhood of Dance( 2007)

Rating - 7.4

The main character of this film is a dance, and its rare enough variety is the African American step. And every step looks particularly impressive in the group, and this in the film is abundant - the groups of dancers compete with each other, participating in competitions. Impressed by the magnificent choreography, I somehow do not want to pay attention to the stereotyped nature of the plot.

6. Burlesque( 2010)

Rating - 7.5

The script of the film was specially created for Christina Aguilera, who for the first time in her life starred in the movie. Well, the result turned out to be very good - to pass the working days of the dancer of burlesque Christina was 100% successful. Especially with the support of Cher, who played the second most important role.

5. Step forward( 2006)

Rating - 7.6

A youth musical drama in which the bad guy( of course, young and beautiful) is re-educated through the forces of love and, of course, dance! The unpretentious plot is more than compensated by an abundance of spectacular and striking choreographic numbers, as well as incendiary music.

4. Chicago( 2002)

Rating - 7.7

A crime drama in which dancing and singing is an unexpected mixture, which, however, brought its creators 300 million dollars. Young actress Roxie all her life dreamed of standing level with the star of the cabaret Velma, but her desire was fulfilled in an unexpected way - in the courtroom. Protect Roxi took the famous lawyer Billy Flynn( performed by Richard Gere), however, to go free, the girl needs to attract the attention of the public. So, Velma and Roxy have to compete for the attention of viewers on an unusual scene. Excellent shooting, the atmosphere of Chicago 30's, star cast and, of course, songs and dances!

3. Keep the rhythm( 2006)

Rating - 7.7

The third place in the list of the best films about dances has got to the picture based on real events. A professional choreographer goes to work in one of New York's educational schools, where he teaches the art of dance to problem teenagers. Eventually the choreographer managed to establish mutual understanding with the children and create a new dance style with them - a mixture of classical ballroom dances and movements from hip-hop.

2. Black Swan( 2010)

Rating - 7.7

Dark and fatal passions are hidden behind the angelic appearance of dancers in white packs. Which of the two competitors will be the prima? Who deserves to dance the role of the Black Swan? Psychological thriller with elements of mysticism, satire and drama, shot by director Darren Aronofsky, not least due to its popularity of the magnificent game of Natalie Portman. By the way, for the sake of filming in the film, the actress resumed her ballet classes.

1. La Lalande( 2016)

Rating - 8.3

The first line in the dance charts is the musical about the love of the starlet( played by Emma Stone), serving coffee to celebrities between the auditions and the ambitious jazz musician( Ryan Gosling),who has to work in bars. In the film, beautiful songs( which is City of stars performed by Gosling) and magnificent dance-musical numbers. And let the characters do not hit with an incredible acting game, the main thing is that you believe in their relationship while watching La Langa. The film literally revives the audience's love for a forgotten genre.