10 most anticipated serials of 2017, novelties

How to survive the zombie apocalypse, to repel the invasion of the White Walkers or aliens and uncover the crimes of the century without getting up from the couch? To do this, it is enough to include the desired series and immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds of cinema. Last year was rich in good serials. To choose the most anticipated serials of 2017 we turned to the popular portal "Kinopoisk".The main criterion for compiling this top-10 was the audience's expectations rating. It included only the novelties of the serials of 2017, the most anticipated films that have not yet been shown and are some kind of "dark horses".


  • 10. "Gypsy"
  • 9. "Star Trek: Discovery"
  • 8. "Defenders"
  • 7. "Story of the maid"
  • 6. "Iron fist"
  • 5. "Escape: Continuation"
  • 4. "Legion ยป
  • 3." Big little lie "
  • 2." Neludi "
  • 1." Twin Peaks "

10." Gypsy "

It turns out: at the end of summer or early autumn.

The psychotherapist( played by Naomi Watts) has a dangerous and very close relationship with her patients. The director of the series is Sam Taylor-Johnson, who stood at the helm of the film "Fifty shades of gray."

9. "Star Trek: Discovery"

Will be released in May.

It's been a long time since the famous "Star Trek" series ended, and even more, if you prefer to forget "Star Trek: Enterprise", whose rating made it necessary to remove this TV show from the air in 2005.Despite Brian Fuller's departure as a showrunner( he focused his energy on the "American Gods"), there is a hope that the new "Star Trek" was not in vain in the most anticipated series of 2017.The list of its claimed merits is very high: here there is a respectful attitude towards the canon and multicultural and gender equality and unexpected characters( for example, female captain and lieutenant-gay).

8. "Defenders"

The series is expected in the fall.

Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist have teamed up for a good cause. Bad guys in New York are waiting for hard times, because our favorite characters are ready to fight to the last drop of bandit blood for good and justice. Also intriguing is the role of Sigourney Weaver as someone "very smart" and "very responsible."Maybe super-villains?

7. "The Story of the Servant"

The show will begin in April.

This series is based on the novel anti-utopia Margaret Atwood about the gloomy future during the military dictatorship in the fictional Republic of Gilead. The Republic arose when the United States collapsed and religious extremists created a tough theocracy. All women in it are divided into groups, the most privileged of which are the wives of the Commanders. And the main character( Elizabeth Moss) - a servant, who is tasked with having sex with the owner and giving birth to his child in the era of general infertility.

6. "Iron Fist"

The month of the premiere show is March.

The "Games of Thrones" star Finn Jones( Lauras) plays Danny Rand, who returns to New York 15 years after he was deemed dead in a plane crash. He must avenge the death of his parents.

Netflix will also release a mini-series "Defenders", which we already mentioned in our hit parade of the 10 most awaited serials of 2017.He will unite "under one roof" Luke Cage( Mike Colter), Jessica Jones( Kristen Ritter), Daredevil( Charlie Cox) and Iron Fist.

5. "Escape: Continuation"

World premiere - in April.

The series ended in 2009, and the main character Michael Scofield, apparently, was dead. Eight years later, it turned out that Michael was alive and kept in a Yemeni prison. Lincoln and Sara plan to get Michael free.

4. "Legion"

The release will take place in February.

The list of the most anticipated overseas serials of 2017 continues from the X-Men universe. This can be one of the best things that will happen in the world of cinema next year. After all, the creator and producer of the project is Noah Hawley, who very successfully transferred to the small screen "Fargo".

Dan Stevens, the star of Downton Abbey, plays the main role of a troubled person diagnosed with schizophrenia who has been in a psychiatric hospital for many years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he begins to understand that the voices he hears and the visions can be real.

3. "Big little lie"

The show will be held in February.

Opens the top three of the expected series of 2017 story about a group of wealthy mothers involved in a mysterious story of murder. The series was played by such Hollywood heavyweights as Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Alexander Skarsgard and Zoe Kravitz, and the story is based on the best-selling best-selling Lian Moriarty.

2. "Neludi"

It is expected: in September.

The second issue of the serial chart is the story of the royal family, whose superpower was bestowed on them by the mysterious Terrigen Mist. Given that not only Black Thunder( which mostly remains silent as his voice is a weapon) and his wife Medusa with magic hair, but also a giant dog named Lokjo, the "Inhumans" have the potential to become no worse than "Guardians"The Galaxy. "

1. "Twin Peaks"

Probable start of the show: in April.

25 years have passed since the original television series "Twin Peaks", donated to us by David Lynch and Mark Frost, went on the air. And now he returned and headed the top of the expected series of 2017.

In it, we will again see FBI agent Dale Cooper( Kayla McLachlan) and many other characters living in a fictional American town. It will not spin-off, not a prequel and not a remake, namely the continuation of the original series.