The most anticipated films of autumn 2016

Autumn - the eye of charm and the time of interesting film premieres. We present to you the most expected films of autumn 2016.They will find suitable options for fans of hurricane action, for children and fans of fantasy.

We also prepared a list of the most anticipated novelties of the movie of 2017, you will like it.


  • Inferno( 2016)
  • Reckoning( 2016)
  • Jack Reacher 2. Never Come Back( 2016)
  • Girl on the Train( 2016)
  • The Monster's Voice( 2016)
  • The Trolley( 2016)
  • Doctor Strange( 2016)
  • By(2016)
  • Spies next door( 2016)
  • Fantastic creatures and where they dwell( 2016)
  • Allies( 2016)
  • Moana( 2016)

Inferno( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: October 13.
  • Genre: thriller, detective.

This is the third film based on the book by Dan Brown. Tom Hanks once again starred in the role of Professor Robert Langdon, who this time should not only unravel the secrets associated with Dante Alighieri, but also regain memory, and also prevent the spread of the terrible virus.

Payment( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: October 20.
  • Genre: crime, drama.

Ben Affleck in this film plays Christian Wulff, "Mathematics with the Savant Syndrome, which" in plain sight "is a modest accountant, but in fact works as an auditor of large criminal organizations. However, real problems are brought to him by a law-abiding company.

Jack Reacher 2. Never Come Back( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: October 20.
  • Genre: adventure, drama.

Tom Cruise in his repertoire. His hero, the coolest, most charming and attractive Jack Reacher, accused of murder, must prove his innocence, save the beauty( Kobe Smolders) and get rid of enemies.

Girl on the train( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: October 27.
  • Genre: thriller, drama.

Every day Rachel rides by train past a house in which an ideal family lives. However, as it turns out, there is nothing perfect in the world. And Rachel, who saw from the train window something that others had not seen, was drawn into an intricate story.

The voice of the monster( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: October 27.
  • Genre: drama, fantasy.

It is difficult to live in the world when you are alone and we are harassing classmates. And only a monster of dreams can offer help.

Trolls( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: October 27.
  • Genre: cartoon, fantasy, adventure.

This is the first picture for children in the best films of the autumn of 2016.The gloomy troll Tsvetan and his girlfriend - the girl Rosochka - must save their friends from the paws of the bergens and their leader - the king named Cartilage Elder.

Dr. Strange( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: November 3.
  • Genre: fiction, action.

starring the favorite of thousands of women, the performer of the role of Sherlock Holmes, an actor with a difficult-to-pronounce surname Benedict Cumberbatch. A former neurosurgeon, and now a superhero, will have a difficult mission to protect the inhabitants of the Earth from the forces of Evil, whatever forms the latter take.

For reasons of conscience( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: November 4.
  • Genre: melodrama.

Mel Gibson's film with Andrew Garfield as a military doctor who saved 75 people during the Second World War. While at the front, he did not shoot a single shot, since the killing of people contradicted his religious beliefs.

Spies next door( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: November 10.
  • Genre: comedy, action movie.

You can not trust your neighbors. After all, they may not be a nice married couple, but government agents. And because of them, respectable spouses are dragged into the biggest espionage conspiracy.

Fantastic creatures and where they dwell( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: November 17.
  • Genre: fantasy, adventure.

The most anticipated film for fans of the world of Harry Potter. The story unfolds around the writer Newt Scamander and the New York secret society of sorceresses and wizards. The task of Newt is the search for rare magical creatures. However, in New York, the writer accidentally releases all the captured beasts to freedom and now must catch them again. All the events of the film take place seventy years before Harry Potter takes up the book of this writer.

Allies( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: November 24.
  • Genre: drama, thriller.

Once an American counterintelligence agent spun a violent romance with a Frenchwoman. And then I learned that the woman with whom he married and who gave birth to his child, most likely a Nazi agent.

Moana( 2016)

  • Russian premiere: 24 November.
  • Genre: cartoon, fantasy, adventure.

Once upon a time, on distant, remote islands in the Pacific Ocean, the leader's daughter went on a journey to find her family. Together with the demigod named Maui, the girl has to swim across the ocean full of dangers and find a fairy island.