Top 5 most favorite and popular cartoons in Russia

We all come from childhood. And in childhood, children love to watch cartoons. And many Russians, who grew up on the masterpieces of Soviet animation, continue to love them even in adulthood. This conclusion allows you to make the survey results with the participation of 1600 respondents. It was conducted by VTsIOM through a telephone interview.

We present to you the rating of the most favorite and popular cartoons in Russia .


  • 5. "Cat Leopold"
  • 4. "Winnie the Pooh"
  • 3. "Vacations in Prostokvashino"
  • 2. "Masha and the Bear"
  • 1. "Well, wait"

5. "Cat Leopold"

Goodand the charming cat, who is harassed by hooligans, was cast by 7% of the respondents. For the first time the audience saw Leopold in 1975, and the shooting of the series was completed in 1987.This fluffy peacemaker, voiced by Andrei Mironov, teaches children kindness and constantly repeats that one must live together. And his opponents-mice at the end of each series repent of their leprosy.

4. "Winnie the Pooh"

A popular animated series about the adventures of a bear cub and its faithful friends is loved by 12% of the respondents. And it is not surprising, because Winnie the Pooh never gets discouraged, invent ingenious ways to extract honey, and what wonderful songs he composes! The premiere of the cartoon took place in 1969 and since then, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and all-all-all are regulars on the air of various TV channels. And their phrases have long been riddled with jocular quotes.

3. "Vacations in Prostokvashino"

Top-3 of the best Soviet and Russian cartoons opens the story of an adult beyond his years, Uncle Fedor, judicious cat Matroskine and carefree dog Sharike.16% of respondents voted for Prostokvashino. The premiere took place in 1980.This is the second cartoon from the series "Three from Prostokvashino."Although the topic of disobedience to parents slips in it( Uncle Fyodor does not want to spend his vacation in Sochi and runs to the village), he also teaches independence, worldly wisdom( thanks to Matroskin) and kindness towards animals.

2. "Masha and the Bear"

This Russian cartoon was named favorite by 26% of the respondents. His show began relatively recently - in 2009.In 2016 it became the most popular. The general idea of ​​the plot is based on the famous folk tale "Masha and the Bear".Cheerful, restless, curious little girl and a former circus bear, who loves silence and comfort - a strange couple. However, it is this strangeness - one of the highlights of the animated series. And even looking at how the bear suffers from the Machine tricks, many parents can recognize themselves in it.

1. "Well, wait"

Tops the rating of Soviet and Russian cartoons. This animated series, voiced by Anatoly Papanov( Wolf) and Clara Rumyantseva( Hare) is loved by 59% of Russians."Zero" series appeared in 1969, and 19-20 issues were published in 2005.

The wolf behaves like a typical bully: he offends the weak, litter the streets, chases the hare and smashes other people's property and commits other unsightly things. And the Hare is an athlete, an intelligent and a young technician who sets a positive example for the younger generation. The series became so popular that with its heroes appeared electronic pocket game and a series of computer games from "1C-SoftKlab."And the Mint of Niue issued two coins with the Wolf and Hare. They are part of the collection of coins "Cartoon Heroes."On one coin depicts cartoon characters performing at the New Year's Christmas tree, on the second they dance on skates.

When asked which cartoons are best for children( no more than 2 answers), 83% of respondents answered "Soviet", and 43% preferred modern Russian animation.5% of the respondents stated the need to raise children in foreign cartoons. By the way, the only foreign cartoon that broke into the top ten most popular was "Tom and Jerry."

For the majority of respondents( 62%) full-length animated films are preferred, rather than short films( 29%).