Rating of the best serials for men

In the minds of most ordinary people, the series is a product designed for bored housewives. However, such a delusion is infinitely far from reality. It is worth at least look in our rating of the best serials for men .Here there is a criminal drama, and a thriller, and a historical thriller - genres so close to real men.

The rating is based on the evaluation of thousands of viewers who voted for their favorite series on the Mail Forum poster.

Selected the best series 2013-2014.


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  • 10. Prudent California
  • 9. Underground( criminal) empire
  • 8. Sons of anarchy
  • 7. Sopranos
  • 6. Simpsons
  • 5. Walking dead
  • 4. Spartacus
  • 3. Inall serious
  • 2. Escape
  • 1. Dexter

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10. Bldlivaya California

List interesting series for men completes a dramatic comedy with David Duchovny in the title role. The main character has a lot of problems - an intimate relationship with the minor daughter of the husband of his own first wife, promiscuity, unrestrained drunkenness. For the role in the series Dukhovny received the Golden Globe in 2008.On the Russian screens the series came out under the names "Playboy from California" and "Caliphrenia".

9. Underground( criminal) empire

The series in the genre of criminal drama takes the viewer in the 1920s. The main storyline is the fight of a special agent against the smuggling of alcohol after the introduction of the "dry law" in the United States. As of September 2013, the fourth season of the "Underground Empire" is scheduled.

8. Sons of anarchy

The best series for men, of course, should be dedicated to real men. The image of a severe biker, such Robin Hood, who protects his hometown from neo-Nazis and drugs, fits perfectly into the ideal plot. The action of the series takes place in a fictional Californian town, and the main actors are the members of the motor club "Sons of Anarchy".

7. Sopranos clan

This multi-part criminal drama narrates the life of modern gangsters in America. For the first time the "Sopranos" came out in 1999 and since then almost the whole world has been following the twists and turns of the Jersey family Tony Soprano.

6. Simpsons

In the rating of serials for men there was a place and for animation. The family of Homer Simpson became the personification of the average American "social cell".The series easily and amusingly deals with acute social problems and issues, for example, same-sex marriages and the war in Iraq.

5. Walking dead

A multi-part horror movie for spectators with strong nerves tells how a bunch of people are fighting for survival after a zombie apocalypse. The series, based on a series of comic books, was awarded a Golden Globe nomination.

4. Spartacus

This historical series tells the story of the leader of the biggest slave uprising in history."Spartacus" contains a lot of frank, as well as quite brutal scenes.

3. In all serious

An ordinary school teacher turns into a mother drug dealer, because he is sick with cancer, and the family after his death will be left without a livelihood. Criminal thriller successfully survived the sixth season, without losing an army of fans.

2. Escape

Lincoln Burrows was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. His brother deliberately goes to jail to help his brother escape from her. The series came out in 2005 and easily won mega-pop. Based on this criminal militant, a computer game was even created.

1. Dexter

Rating of the best serials for men is headed by a detective thriller, whose main character is a serial killer with a mental disorder. True, Dexter directs his thirst for murder against such antisocial elements as criminals who escaped traditional justice. To date, the series has 8 seasons.