Rating of the best youth comedies of all time

It's summer, time for shish kebabs and parties, so it's time to acquaint you with with the best youth comedies .The rating is made on the basis of numerous discussions from forums and taking into account the success of comedies at the box office. Today's list of youth comedies, includes films released in the last 20 years and become leaders of their genre. Some of them were later withdrawn in several parts.

Published a new list: Best Youth Comedy 18+


  • Jay and the silent Bob.
  • Where's my wheelbarrow dude.
  • Chick.
  • Once in Vegas.
  • Without feelings.
  • King of parties.
  • Road adventure.
  • Euro Tour.
  • Very scary movie.
  • American Pie. Jay and the silent Bob.

    Let's start our top 10 youth comedies from the movie Jay and the silent Bob, in which the main characters try to restore justice, after the news that their names were used in comics that reveal their personalities not on the most pleasing side.

    Where's my wheelbarrow dude.

    The heroes of the film are two friends who wake up after a wild booze and go to the car to get gifts for the girls, but the worst thing is that they can not find the car and friends try to remember the events of the last day by conducting an investigation. The facts that emerge in their minds lead to the idea that they would not have better started this investigation.


    Whatever the story about the exchange of bodies, but in the youth comedy "Chick", in the best way and in funny moments the theme of a man in a woman's body and a woman in a man's are revealed.

    Once in Vegas.

    The theme of Vegas in the best youth comedies in recent years is very relevant, apparently this is a new level of parties of the XXI century. The film "Once Upon a Time in Vegas" tells how to marry between a business during a dizzying party, and in the morning to regret it. But everything would be fine if the divorce was not complicated by a total winnings of three million dollars in the lottery.

    Without feelings.

    Comedy filled with a lot of jokes "below the belt," but because it is a youth, talks about how a teenager is trying to build his personal life. He needs to find a job and get acquainted with a charming girl, that's only first of all you should find contact with your own organism. The golden mean of the youth comedy rating.

    King of parties.

    The best scenario for students who do not want to be released. The movie tells about a student who has not been able to obtain a diploma for many years, but not because he is stupid, but because he likes college life. But one day the protagonist has to make a choice, either to pay for the next year of fun himself, or to graduate, as the father does not plan to pay his education anymore.

    Road adventure.

    Treason to his girlfriend, and even filmed, and to everything mistakenly sent as a gift to his beloved - which can be more terrible. Now the main character has to go to an exciting road adventure, in time to intercept the ill-fated gift. Probably the best adventure in his life.


    Very popular youth comedy, thanks to a wide rental and a more artistic script, although not circumvented by a couple of vulgar jokes. Hitchhiking across Europe, for the sake of dating a girl by correspondence.

    Very scary movie.

    Parodic youth film, deriding everything from comedic situations, to scenes from horror films and gaining popularity every year, as evidenced by the fact that the best comedy in the world was shot in several parts, repeating the success of the first series.

    American Pie.

    The best youth comedy of all time, today at the top of the rating. Definitely one of the most vulgar comedies, the script of which is tied on the fears of schoolchildren to cross the threshold of college being virgins. The rapid approaching of the graduation ball makes friends more and more active in order to carry out their plans.