Rating of the best films of 2013

Choosing the best films, it's natural to turn to reviews, both professional film critics, and a wide audience. That's exactly what we did, making the current rating of the best films of 2013 .Our top ten included films that received high ratings from critics and viewers on the portals of Kinopoisk and Megacritic.

In the ranking there are collected films belonging to a variety of genres, but more than half are filmed for various literary works.

On the pages of our site the list has already been published, which included the best novelties of films of 2014.


  • 10. Captive
  • 9. Garden of elegant words
  • 8. Before midnight
  • 7. Mud
  • 6. Boyfriend from the future
  • 5. Metallica: Through the impossible
  • 4. Hunger Games: And the flame will burst
  • 3. The Great Gatsby
  • 2. Gravity
  • 1. Race
  • The
    • race left the
    • 42( Forty-Two)
    • Pacific boundary
    • Legend number 17
    • Spell
    • Iron man 3
    • Illusion illusion
    • Starter: Retribution
    • Rust and bone
    • Likes /Does not like
    • Anna Kareninand
    • Jack Reacher
    • Impossible
    • TO.A good day to die
    • Metro

10. Captive

A crime drama with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal starring the kidnapping of two little girls. The father of one of the babies undertakes an independent investigation, because the police are idle.

9. Garden of graceful words

Japanese melodramatic anime film is dedicated to the history of the young Takao, who meets a mysterious stranger in the park. A young woman is on the meeting only on rainy days. Gradually, the characters fall in love with each other, but what happens when the rainy season ends, no one knows. ..

8. Before midnight

The film is the best of the trilogy, which included the paintings "Before Dawn" and "Before Sunset."Melodrama is dedicated to the love of men and women who have been together for many years. In relations "autumn" reigns, and its overcoming lays down in a basis of a plot.

7. Mud

The British comedy drama was released in September 2013.The protagonist is the corrupt policeman Bruce Robertson, who is obsessed with drugs and sex. Disastrous addictions greatly prevent Robertson from standing guard over the law.

6. Boyfriend from the future

Fantastic comedy of British director Richard Curtis makes believe in the movement in time. A nice and talented lawyer goes to the past to charm the girl of her dreams. Unfortunately, the first date has to be repeated many times before the heart of the beauty quivers.

5. Metallica: Through the impossible

The Adventure Musical is a hybrid of a concert and a feature film. The picture was not just the best film-biography of the famous band. In the center of the story is the story of a member of the team's technical team, who must deliver a bag containing mysterious contents.

4. Hunger Games: And the flames of the

will continue. Continuation of the story Katniss Everdin, who won the Hunger Games, beats all ratings of the film distribution. However, it again falls on the Arena, where opponents are even more dangerous, and the stakes are incredibly high. The film is based on the book Susan Collins "And the flame will break out."

3. The Great Gatsby

The Life of PI

The film, based on the novel by Jann Martel, was a New Year's gift for Russians - its premiere took place on January 1, 2013.The tape received 11 nominations for "Oscar", and in the end was awarded four figurines. According to the plot of this drama in the style of fantasy, the protagonist named Pi is in a boat in the middle of the ocean in the company of a zebra, a hyena, a tiger and an orangutan.


A fantastic action movie with Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko in the lead roles tells about people's lives above the clouds on the post-apocalyptic Earth. The main character suffers from repeated dreams with scraps of memories. The solution comes from a girl rescued from a crashed space ship, who turned out to be a long forgotten wife.

42( Forty-Two)

This biographical drama tells how the black baseball player Jackie Robinson and the president of the Brooklyn Dodgers club, Brunch Ricky, staged a real revolution in sports. The road to African Americans to the heights of the sports Olympus was opened in 1947.The role of Branka Ricky was performed by the magnificent Harrison Ford.

Pacific border

A fantastic action movie tells the next story of the fight against aliens from the sea depths. To save humanity from destruction is a forgotten by the whole world to the former pilot and the "green" trainee. Taking the huge robot Jager into battle, they together prevent the apocalypse.

Legend №17

The film tells the career of the legendary Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov, as well as the first match of 1972 in the USSR-Canada Super Series. The role of Kharlamov was performed by Danil Kozlovsky. A special display of the tape was organized for the junior Russian national ice hockey team. The film received rave reviews of professional critics, as well as sports, political and cinematographic elite.


The plot of this thriller is based on the real story of the Perron family. Members of the family claimed to live surrounded by a whole host of good and evil ghosts. History dates back to the 1970s in a house in Rhode Island, where the Porons resided.

Iron Man 3

The third part - the first film series about the Iron Man, shot not to Jonah Favreau. The change of the director, however, did not affect the popularity - the film is popular with viewers around the world. In the third part, Stark is not only to defeat the enemies, but also to answer the question: what is more important - a suit or a living person?

Illusion of deception

In the plot of this criminal thriller, the team of the best illusionists in the world turns incredibly daring robberies right under the nose of FBI agents. Released on May 21, the film has already collected more than $ 255 million, having paid its own budget three times.

Startrest: Retribution

The long-awaited gift for all fans of the Enterprise team came out on May 2, 2013.Returning to Earth, the crew discovers that the world is plunged into the abyss, and the fleet is inactive, gripped by inexplicable horror. Captain Kirk must take on the role of the savior of mankind.

Rust and Bone

The drama of French director Jacques Odiard is a brilliant adaptation of the same storybook of Canadian stories by Craig Davidson. The film was nominated for the Golden Branch of the Cannes Film Festival, and was also awarded the Spanish Goya Film Award as the best European film. Drama reveals the history of the relationship of a single father and a disabled girl.

Likes / Dislikes

The Russian premiere of this comedic melodrama took place on January 31, 2013.According to the story, a successful writer Margot is torn between a tender affection for her husband and an irresistible attraction to a pretty neighbor.

Anna Karenina

The screen version of Leo Tolstoy's famous novel with Keira Knightley in the title role was presented to Russian audiences on January 10,The film received an Oscar for the best costume design. The painting was nominated for Golden Globe in the nomination "Best Music".Part of filming "Anna Karenina" was held in Karelia on the island of Kizhi.

Jack Reacher

As it was already noted, the rating of films of 2013 turned out to be rich on the screen version. The criminal thriller with Tom Cruise in the title role was shot based on the novel "The Shot" by writer Lee Child. According to the plot, the former army sniper is accused of killing five random passers-by. To learn the truth and find the true culprit under force retired military police investigator Jack Reacher.


One of the two European paintings that fall into our rating is made by the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona. The drama tells about the events that took place during the tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004.Naomi Watts, who played the leading female role in the film, was awarded the Oscar nomination.

CO.A good day to die

This time the adventures of Joan McClane are unfolding in Moscow, and to save the world the ageless hero will be in the company of his own son. Bruce Willis in his interview said that the current fifth of the "Die Hard" - not the last. By the way, most of the filming was not in Moscow, but in Budapest.


Russian film-catastrophe was made based on the novel by Dmitry Safonov. According to the plot, one of the old tunnels of the Moscow subway is collapsing under the weight of new buildings. In the crack rush water Moscow River, and hundreds of passengers can be in the grip of a violent flow.

Has gone down to the third line of the rating, a film with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. The action takes place in 1922 on the "golden" coast of Long Island among the luxurious villas of the American rich. The picture is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by F.S.Fitzgerald. The plot tells the viewer the story of a bygone era, an impossible love and human tragedy.

2. Gravity

Fantastic thriller tells about the space travel of Dr. Ryan Stone - a brilliant specialist in medical engineering. During the crash, the shuttle dies and Stone remains in the company of astronaut Matt Kowalski. Together they have to fight for life.

1. Race

Headed the 2013 rating, the film "Race" .The 1970s became the "golden age" for the Formula 1 race. In the center of the story is the rivalry between two irreconcilable riders: the Englishman James Hunt and the Australian Nicky Laud. One of them is handsome Lovelace, the second is a serious perfectionist. But both are equally persistent in their striving for victory.

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