The most box-office Indian films in the history of Bollywood

"Bollywood" - the world's largest center for the production of films. His story begins in 1913, when the very first film, Raja Harishchandra, was filmed. Since then, Bollywood has regularly delighted fans around the world with songs, dances and pathos, and producers - ever-increasing profits. For example, in 1975 the film "Revenge and Law" received three times more money than the record holder of the 1960 "Great Mogul", and the film "Who am I for you," shot in 1994, surpassed the proceeds of "Revenge and Law" infour times.

The foreign rating site Wonderlist has compiled a list of 's top-grossing Indian films in the history of Bollywood.


  • 10. "Once upon a time there was a tiger"
  • 9. "Pif-paf!"
  • 8. "Happy New Year!"
  • 7. "Krish 3"
  • 6. "Strike"
  • 5. "Three idiots"
  • 4. "Chennai Express"
  • 3. "Bajrangi's brother"
  • 2. "Bikers 3: Back on track"
  • 1. "PKEY"

10. "There was a tiger"

Budget of $ 12 million, charges $ 50 million.

The rating of the highest-grossing tapes of Bollywood begins a spy thriller, seasoned with a heartbreaking love story between an Indian intelligence agent( Salman Khan) and an intelligence agent of Pakistani( Katrina Kaif) against the backdrop of Irish landscapes.

9. "Pif-paf!"

The budget is $ 23 million, charges $ 53 million.

A modest bank employee( Katrina Kaif) meets with a mysterious but charming young man( Hrithik Roshan).Before they open their feelings to each other, a lot of helicopters will explode and many shots will be heard. The militant with elements of melodrama and comedy in 2014 earned 53 million. By the way, this is an official remake of the American film "Knight of the Day".

8. "Happy New Year!"

Budget 23 million dollars, fees $ 53 million.

Comedy about how a group of unskillful dancers tried to rob a bank, went into hire on October 24, 2014 and for one day collected 7.3 million dollars.

7. "Krish 3"

The budget is 18 million dollars, charges 58 million dollars.

The story of the protracted superhero( Hrithik Roshan) and his fight with the super villain in a black coat( Vivek Oberoi) is the third in a series that began in 2003 with the film "You're not alone".

6. "Strike"

Budget 16 million dollars, charges 59 million dollars.

Another film featuring one of the most highly paid actors of the world, Salman Khan, filmed in 2014.This time the actor plays an adrenaline junkie who, in search of thrill, became a thief and got into a fight for sharing spheres of influence with gangsters. And to add more thrills to the hero, he is followed by the police.

5. "Three idiots"

Budget of $ 5 million, charges $ 62 million.

Ten years after graduation, two friends go in search of the missing third. On the way, they will solve long-forgotten problems, upset the wedding and visit the funeral. In the rating of 250 best movies by the IMDB site version, the film takes 115th place.

4. "Chennai Express"

Budget of 12 million dollars, charges 67 million dollars.

A forty-year-old confectioner( Shahruh Khan) buys a ticket for the Chennai Express, allegedly in order to disperse the ashes of his grandfather in Rameshwaran, and he intends to go with friends to have fun in Goa. However, even if you are a forty-year-old confectioner, in the Indian film you are waited by the beautiful girl, dangers and, certainly, songs and dances.

3. "Brother Bajrangi"

Budget of $ 14 million, charges $ 70 million.

The love story of a Hindu and a Muslim( Karina Kapoor and Salman Khan) earned $ 31 million in just 9 days.

2. "Bikers 3: Back in the ranks"

Budget 27 million dollars, fees 85 million dollars.

Stars of "Baikers" Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif beat all records for popularity in India and abroad. Action with special effects became the most profitable Bollywood film in the world, collecting a cash register of 85 million in just two weeks in 2013.

1. "Pikey"

The budget is 13 million dollars, the collection of 110 million dollars.

The most expensive Indian film was in the rating of films of 2015.This is a touching story about a terrified alien who was lost on Earth( Aamir Khan).In India, this tape caused protests from religious organizations, and at the same time became the leader of the rental in 2014.