Top 10 American films that have caused the biggest losses.

The concept of cash failures is relevant for the theater, and for show business, and for publishing. But most often this term sounds applicable to the cinema.

The multi-million dollar costs for creating a movie are not always pay off at the box office. And even the participation in the film of world-class stars does not guarantee success for the viewer. In the current ten, we collected Top-10 American films, which caused the biggest losses.

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  • 10. Stealth, 2005 year
  • 9. Gates of Heaven, 1980
  • 8. Speed ​​driver, 2008 year
  • 7. Town and village, 2001 year
  • 6. Thirteenth warrior, 1999
  • 5. The mystery of the red planet, 2011
  • 4. Sahara, 2005
  • 3. Adventures of Pluto Nash, 2002
  • 2. Fort Alamo, 2004
  • 1. Golovorezov Island, 1995

10. Stealth, 2005

The cost of creating the picture was $ 100 million., box office did not exceed $ 77 million. If you add to the costs of rental costs by $ 71 million, the amount of loss will be $ 94 million in a fantastic thrillerplayed Jamie Foxx, Josh Lucas, as well as Jessica Biel.

9. Gates of Paradise, 1980

The film's budget is $ 44 million, rental fees - $ 3.5 million. If you transfer the losses received from painting to modern prices, you will get $ 110 million. Despite the cash loss, the film was nominated forGolden branch of the Cannes festival.

8. Speed ​​Racer, 2008

The film is an adaptation of the same-name anime series of the 1960s. The cost of creating the picture was $ 200 million, including costs in the rental. The box office did not exceed $ 94 million.

7. Town and village, 2001

The American comedy with Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn brought nearly $ 95 million in losses. The main reason for the failure is the bloated budget, which was formed due to a 3-year filming process.

6. Thirteenth soldier, 1999

Losses from the creation of the picture amounted to more than $ 98 million. The dramatic thriller failed at the box office, although more than $ 70 million the producers invested in advertising and rental. Did not save the picture and the cast, including Antonio Banderas, Omar Sharif and Diane Venor.

5. The mystery of the red planet, 2011

With a budget of $ 175 million, the film brought in only $ 39 million box office. This animated picture by its failure violated the implementation of several major projects by Disney, including.creation of a remake of "Yellow Submarine" by Robert Zemeckis.

4. Sahara, 2005

Losses from the filming of the film amounted to $ 136 million. The adventure film with Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey and other famous actors failed in both the US and worldwide box office.

3. Adventures of Pluto Nash, 2002

With a budget of $ 100 million, a fantastic comedy brought in the rental of only $ 7 million. The shooting of the film lasted only 79 days, but then the tape lay on the shelf for almost a year. The success of the audience did not bring even the participation in the film Eddie Murphy.

2. Fort Alamo, 2004

In modern prices, losses from the creation of the film are estimated at $ 142 million. The dramatic western is dedicated to the events of the Texas revolution of 1836.During the filming, significant changes occurred in the creators' team, which delayed the process and increased costs. As a result, the picture did not pay off.

1. Golovorez Island, 1995

This adventure thriller - is the most unprofitable film in the history of Hollywood .With a budget of $ 115 million, the picture collected at the box office only $ 18.5 million. At current prices, the loss is estimated at $ 142.9 million. Due to the failure of the "Island of the Thugs", Carolco studio, which released the cult-iconic Terminator-2, went under the hammer.