The most rated domestic series

Domestic series became very popular among the population of our country and even beyond its borders. They are watched by spectators of all ages, on television and on the Internet, in transport or on a working break. They are downloaded to their devices and include at any time of the day or night. Family comedies, detectives, crime, romantic dramas and melodramas with a happy ending - your attention is represented by serials for every taste.

Russian cinema can be proud of, because it was thanks to him that the world saw such immortal pictures as "Bandit Petersburg", "Liquidation", "Brigade", etc. They conquered the hearts of the audience and remembered them forever.

All of the above multi-series films were shot and released on blue screens many years ago, but do not forget that good Russian series continue to be shot now. For example, the acclaimed "Kitchen" production channel "STS" - this is one of the most rated modern Russian series to date. An interesting comic film really won the hearts of "hungry" viewers.

Such serials as Interns, Voroniny, Fizruk, Molodyozhka, Closed School, Sklifosofsky, Think Like a Woman, Sweet Life, Margosha andetc. Today, watching serials in good quality without leaving home, has become more than real - and all this thanks to the advent of Internet cinemas. They offer viewers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite multi-series films at any convenient time.

Perhaps because of the large number of new serials, there may be an impression that there is no one to shoot and nothing, but it is not. In fact, each show is interesting in its own way. Each has its own special atmosphere, whether it is the kitchen of the Claude Monet restaurant or the scratched hockey rink Molodyozhka. Different heroes, different stories, different endings. .. Some directors even undertake to remake popular Russian films on Russian way, so to speak, Russian remakes of foreign serials. For example: the famous series "Happy Together" about the unlucky Bukin family is an analogue of the American sitcom "Married with Children", and the sensational mystery thriller "Closed School" is a Russian copy of the Spanish TV series "Black Lagoon".

Domestic series are watched not only by the inhabitants of Russia. They are popular and far beyond. People like to spend time with good Russian serials, especially since modern online cinemas provide them with such an opportunity. Why not!