Rating of films 2016-2017, the list of the best novelties

Last 12 months, movie fans were spoiled with numerous foreign and Russian films, from comedies and war dramas to cartoons and fantasy thrillers. We have selected for you the the most interesting and popular films of 2016-2017 years .The list of the best films is ranked according to the ratings of IMDb and "Film Search".


  • 20. Ideal Strangers( 2016)
  • 19. Dr. Strange( 2016)
  • 18. Deadpool( 2016)
  • 17. Arrival( 2016)
  • 16. Pele: The Birth of the Legend( 2016)
  • 15. Eddie "The Eagle"(2016)
  • 14. Captain Fantastic( 2016)
  • 13. Silence( 2016)
  • 12. Fantastic creatures and where they dwell( 2016)
  • 11. Dog life( 2017)
  • 10. Nyrja( 2016)
  • 9. 28 Panfilovites(2016)
  • 8. The Warcraft( 2016)
  • 7. The Devil's Harvest( 2017)
  • 6. Logan( 2017)
  • 5. T2 TrainSpotting( On Needle 2)( 2017)
  • 4. Crew( 2016)
  • 3. For reasons ofof conscience( 2016)
  • 2. Servant of the people 2( 2016)
  • 1. Zveropolis( 2016)

20. Ideal strangers( 2016)

IMDb - 7.7

Opens a list of films worth seeing, a story about how dangerous it is to read sms out loud and answer calls on hands-free. Do not do as the heroes of "Ideal Strangers", but the way O. Bender sang, you make a lot of discoveries, sometimes not wanting that.

19. Dr. Strange( 2016)

IMDb - 7.7

As a result of his own stupidity, an ambitious neurosurgeon was injured and could no longer perform his work. Having spent all his money on useless treatment, he turned to the mysterious Teacher for help and got into a reality full of dangers and magic.

18. Deadpool( 2016)

IMDb - 8.1

There are two reasons why we are happy that this film was a success and rightfully entered the top films of 2016-2017.First, it was a risky project, since from the very beginning it was clear that he would have an R-rating. In addition, he received a green light in connection with the hype raised by fans of Deadpool, and might not like the audience, accustomed to stereotypical superheroes. However, due to the successful premiere, Reynolds will be able to play more than once a crazy and not killed mercenary.

17. Arrival( 2016)

Rating IMDb - 8

In this film there is a strong dramatic outset( alien visitors whose motives are not clear to the Earth), magnificent special effects, and, finally, an adequate model of the first contact of people and aliens. Director Denis Villeneuve was able to turn Ted Chang's short story into an atmospheric puzzle with a strong humanistic component.

16. Pele: Birth of a legend( 2016)

Rating IMDb - 7.3

Biographical drama about the life of the famous Brazilian football player. This picture will be interesting to see not only the fans of Pele, but also people who do not believe that a talented person from the bottom of society can reach any heights in this life.

15. Eddie "Eagle"( 2016)

IMDb - 7.4

Director Dexter Fletcher managed to show the audience a touching, positive side of the story of the trampliner-loser, who constantly took the last places, but was steadily striving for the dream of becoming a winner.

14. Captain Fantastic( 2016)

IMDb - 7.9

Ben brought up his children away from civilization. Despite this, he introduced them to the works of world classics, the foundations of quantum physics and philosophy, and also taught to hunt. But will the guys be useful to all this when they go to the city and come across a full list of temptations, ranging from gadgets and social networks to alcohol and fast food?

13. Silence( 2016)

IMDb - 7.5

The clash of two worlds: one of them belongs to the Jesuits who came with missionary purposes to Japan in the 17th century, and the other, actually, Japanese, who does not want to join the alien religion.

12. Fantastic creatures and where they dwell( 2016)

Rating IMDb - 7.5

The first adventure of the charming magician zoologist Newt Salamander begins 70 years before the history of Harry Potter. In New York he will meet with a kind and cheerful Muggle named Jacob, as well as an evil magician Grindelwald, who hides under a strange guise. In this film, a fairy tale and hard, and sometimes even cruel elements of the thriller fancifully merged.

11. Dog life( 2017)

Rating IMDb - 5.2

Recently released on the screens the novelty tells about the dog Bailey, who, reborn one after another, faithfully and faithfully serves people. Touching scenes of the parting of the owner and his pet can squeeze a tear even from the stern male eyes."Dog life" can and should be viewed by the whole family, just remove from the screen of cats, they will be jealous.

10. Nirja( 2016)

Rating IMDb - 7.8

Another biographical drama in the Indian films of the novelties of 2016-2017.will tell about the brave stewardess who, at the cost of her own life, saved passengers on board an aircraft captured by terrorists in 1986.

9. 28 Panfilovites( 2016)

IMDb - 7.1

This picture of the Great Patriotic War and the battles of the 316th Infantry Division was among the most anticipated in Russia. She was not sponsored by the Cinema Foundation, which did not stop( and maybe helped) the 28 Panfilovites to take their place among the best military films ever shot in our country.

8. VARKRAFT( 2016)

IMDb - 7

This is a movie adaptation of a multiplayer game, but the presence of Duncan Jones behind the camera made the Warcraft movie worthy of your attention and brought him to the best films of 2016-2017.The story of the collision of people and orcs in a fantasy world called Azeroth is recommended to all fans of the genre "sword and magic."

7. The devil's harvest( 2017)

IMDb - 7.2

The terrible times of the famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933 on the example of one village. The film expresses an opinion about the fault of Stalin and the communist regime for oppression of the Ukrainian people.

6. Logan( 2017)

Rating IMDb - 8.6

The last role of Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine. And he coped with it not just dignified, but epic. The film received a rating of R, it has a lot of blood and severed limbs, so it's better not to watch Logan's children. The plot of the plot is simple: aged and tired of life, Wolverine works as a limousine driver and takes care of the sick Professor X.But Wolverine's life changes when he meets a harsh girl with the same abilities as himself.

5. T2 TrainSpotting( On needle 2)( 2017)

Rating IMDb - 7.7

The second part is already a cultic tape about drug addicts from Scotland. Once they sold a few pounds of drugs and one of the friends ran away with the proceeds. After 20 years, he returns to his native city, where he already expects a "cordial" reception.

4. Crew( 2016)

Rating rating IMDb - 7

Spectacular drama about the courage and stamina of the crew of an airplane rescuing people from the island on which the strongest volcanic eruption occurred."Crew" - one of the rare Russian films that can compete with worthy multi-million Hollywood movies-catastrophes.

3. For reasons of conscience( 2016)

Rating IMDb - 8.2

Can I become a war hero without killing a single person? American physician Desmond Doss has proved that it is possible. During the Second World War, he refused to take up arms and was engaged in saving lives, for which he was the only one of the ideological deviators - and received the Medal of Honor.

2. Servant of the people 2( 2016)

Rating of Film Search - 8.1

The only film of Ukrainian production in the selection of popular films 2016-2017.Comedy( starring Vladimir Zelensky) tells about the adventures and trials of the incorruptible and honest president of Ukraine Vasily Goloborodko. He goes to fight with the oligarchy, which is secretly managed by the Verkhovna Rada.

1. Zveropolis( 2016)

Rating IMDb - 8.10

Heads the rating of films 2016-2017 a delightful cartoon about anthropomorphic animals. The main characters - brave and cheerful rabbit Judy Hopps and her companion involuntarily, fox Nick Wilde find out the mystery of the disappearance of predatory animals from the city of Zveropolis.