The best Russian films of 2014-2015

Russian cinema has always been famous for its paintings. The best domestic directors annually present their new works worthy of attention to the audience.

Today we offer ten best Russian films, a list of those released in 2014-2015 and having the highest rating of viewers according to the portal version of Kinopoisk and IMDb.

We also published a movie rating of 2014-2015.The list includes the best foreign news.

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  • 10. Ghost( 2015)
  • 9. Battalion( 2015)
  • 8. Leviathan( 2014)
  • 7. Scar( 2014)
  • 6. Territory( 2014)
  • 5. Healthy and Forever( 2014)
  • 4.President( 2015)
  • 3. Battle for Sevastopol( 2015)
  • 2. Fool( 2014)
  • 1. Evgeny Grishkovets: Farewell to paper( 2014)

10. Ghost( 2015)

Yuri Gordeev, a talented airinstructor and inventor of the South-1, was one step away from success. All he had to do was to present his offspring to the commission and win a tender from a competitor. Even Gordeev was not able to interfere with his ridiculous death in an auto accident, which happened a week before the expected triumph. Help Yuri, who became a ghost, took eighth-grader Vanya - a boy full of complexes and fear of heights.

9. Battalion( 2015)

The events of the film unfold in difficult times for Russia, connected with the events of 1917, which caused terrible turmoil. The fighting spirit of the army, disintegrating from Bolshevik propaganda and fatigue from the war, was in a deplorable state. To raise it, a special women's battalion was created, which by its example and courage was to show the soldiers what patriotism and love for the Motherland are.

8. Leviathan( 2014)

The best film by Andrei Zvyagintsev reveals in a very harsh manner the most topical problems of modern Russia - abuse of the law, bribery, unrestrained greed for profit. With all this negativity it was necessary to encounter Nikolay, the owner of a small auto repair shop, which greatly attracted the mayor of the city. Nicholas decided to protect himself with the help of compromising evidence, which he took up with his army friend.

7. Scar( 2014)

The events of this picture are connected with the tragic events of 1915, during the Armenian Genocide. Armenian Nazareth Manukyan, who lost all his family at this terrible time, finds out, after many years, that his twin daughter managed to survive. Nazareth, who lived all this time with pain from his losses, sends out a hope for finding his beloved babies.

6. Territory( 2014)

Geologist Ilya Chinkov was obsessed with finding a large gold deposit in the territory of Chukotka, which could help the country in hard post-war time. Ilya was led by a detachment of geological prospectors, who were facing a difficult journey in the conditions of severe tundra full of dangerous surprises.

5. Good and forever( 2014)

The film by Anna Tsirlina and Natalia Chumakova is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the "Civil Defense" group. The picture contains many unique frames made by the musicians themselves, exclusive interviews, as well as many other, equally interesting and reliable information.

4. President( 2015)

The best Russian films of 2015, along with the third place in the rating, opens a documentary film by Vladimir Solovyov. He is dedicated to Vladimir Putin and his fifteen-year stay in the highest state circles. The picture covers events that took place in Russia during this period and their role in the development of the country and of Putin himself. The film, in addition to the story about the President, contains numerous interviews, documentary chronicles.

3. Battle for Sevastopol( 2015)

The war was made from Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko, a fragile and loving woman, a legendary sniper. The name of Lyudmila and her courage caused a feeling of pride and patriotism among Soviet soldiers, and fascists - fear and horror. Horrors of war could not destroy in Lyudmila her ability to love and the desire to be loved.

2. Fool( 2014)

The new film directed by Yuri Bykov reveals many topical problems of our reality, full of absurdity, lies, indifference and cruelty. The title of the film is another confirmation, because the fool here is not a rotten class of bureaucratic apparatus that cares only about its own well-being, but a simple locksmith who has not forgotten what decency and compassion are. It is for him, and not representatives of the city administration, to save the lives of hundreds of people living in an emergency home.

1. Eugene Grishkovets: Farewell to paper( 2014)

The leader of the rating, along with the 2nd place is included in the best Russian films of 2014.The performance of Evgeny Grishkovets is devoted to the analysis and comparison of the way of life of different generations, whose life and personal relationships were built and built entirely on different principles. In place of grandfather's words, the way of thinking and the rhythm of life, there are far from always equivalent replacements. This rule applies, including to paper, replaced with soulless e-books and letters that can not be felt by the skin and the fibers of the soul.