Top 10 films about demons and devils, the list of the best

Demons are terrible and ruthless inhabitants of Hell. According to the Bible, these are fallen angels who were cast out of heaven together with Lucifer. Some of the demons are bound by eternal chains for their sins. Others can freely move and in every way harm people. And here's how they harm, you'll find out by watching the best films about demons and devils .The list of the best includes the most rating on "Kinoopiske" pictures, published from 2000 to 2017.

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  • 10. Ghost Rider( 2007)
  • 9. Oculus( 2013)
  • 8. Rite( 2011)
  • 7. Case N39( 2007)
  • 6. The Devil( 2010)
  • 5. The Painted Leather( 2008)
  • 4(2008)
  • 3. Hellboy: The Golden Army( 2008)
  • 2. The Six Demons Emily Rose( 2005)
  • 1. Constantine: The Lord of Darkness( 2005)

10. Ghost Rider( 2007)

Rating -6.3

How many times have the world been told that deals with the devil will not lead to good. However, racer Johnny Blaze( Nicolas Cage) sacrificed an immortal soul for the salvation of his father. The devil turned him into a Ghost Rider, who must seek out and send evil souls to Hell. Excellent music, good jokes, burning Cage skull and a flaming motorcycle are all positive aspects of the film. To negative viewers include the predictability of the storyline, mediocre actor's play and the lack of charisma in antagonists.

9. Oculus( 2013)

Rating - 6.4

The ghost that emerged from the ancient damned mirror, killed the parents of the main characters. As a result, the boy was in a psychiatric hospital, and no one believed his sister. A few years later, an adult girl decides to prove to everyone that ghosts in mirrors still exist.

8. Rite( 2011)

Rating - 6.5

One of the best films about demons and people who expel them. In the center of the story is a young seminarian, who became a pupil of the famous exorcist, father Lucas( played by Anthony Hopkins).Being a skeptic by nature, and not really believing either in religion or in God, the young man faces face to face with forces that science can not explain.

7. Case N39( 2007)

Rating - 6.6

Emily( Renee Zellweger) works in the guardianship service and is working hard to help children in trouble. One of these unfortunates is a girl named

Lilith, who is afraid of her parents. Pitying her, Emily takes Lilith to her home. And here the real horrors begin.

6. Devil( 2010)

Rating - 6.7

Very unpleasant when the elevator in which you drive suddenly stops. And it is completely unpleasant if among the unexpected fellow travelers is the devil himself. Of course, in this situation, not the most pleasant events begin to happen in the elevator. At each turn-off of the light, one of those trapped will die.

5. Painted leather( 2008)

Rating - 6.8

Warlord Van Sheng brings home the beautiful beauty of Xiaowei. But under the guise of a fragile girl lies a demon, eating human hearts. Shan's wife, Pejong, knows about Xiaowei's true nature, but her husband does not believe her. For help, Pejrun turns to General Yun in love with her. This film is more intended for fans of Chinese cinema than for fans of horror. There are many fights with typical Asian films, and heroism, sometimes excessive.

4. Hellboy: The Hero of the Heat( 2004)

Rating - 7

In short, it's a story about how a well-bred demon helps people fight badly brought demons. But seriously, Hellboy is a spectacular, non-standard, humorous and in some places very romantic kinokomiks about the adventures of Ischadiy, brought up by man and struggling with real monsters of all sizes and colors. His main opponent is Rasputin himself, who, along with his minions, is ready to release the powers of Hell. However, for this, Rasputin needs a key, which is Hellboy.

3. Hellboy: The Golden Army( 2008)

Rating - 7

Opens the top 3 of our cinematic demonic collection, another story about the tail, bearded and charming Hellboy. This time, Red and his team will face not a powerful mage and a sadistic nazi, but an elf who wants to have an invincible Golden Army. The film immerses viewers in a unique fairytale atmosphere and introduces the secret side of the world, where dental fairies live, disgusting trolls and monstrous creations of the flora.

Although Hellboy thought of as a trilogy, judging by one of the February Twins Guillermo del Toro, the third part of the Pirna from Pecla does not have to wait.

Hellboy 3 Sorry to report: Spoke w all parties. Must report that 100% the sequel will not happen.

- Guillermo del Toro( @RealGDT) February 21, 2017

2. Six demons Emily Rose( 2005)

Rating - 7.2

The second place among the best films about the devil is the picture,based on real events. In 1976, the rite of exorcism from the girl led to a lethal outcome. And the priest, who was in exorcism, was charged with murder. In order to prove his innocence, the priest studies the history of the demon who infiltrated the girl and destroyed her. In court, he has to prove that the otherworldly forces are not an invention.

1. Constantine: Lord of Darkness( 2005)

Rating - 7.8

Tops the list of the best films about the devil comic adaptation of comics "Hellblazer".The expert on the supernatural John Constantine( Keanu Reeves) helps the policeman prove that her sister's death was not suicide. In "Constantine" there are no long, empty dialogues, but there is a lot of action. And the main character, sending demons to the hell walking around Manhattan, does not look like a knight in shining armor. He has many problems and the main one is how to find a way to get to Heaven after death, and not to the place where he is impatiently waiting for a lot of clawed and fanged creatures."Constantine" like those who do not like ordinary horror movies with an abundance of blood and a minimum of the plot, but interesting, noirnye and ironic films on a mystical theme.