Top 10 movies about vampires and werewolves, the list of the best

Movies about vampires frighten and attract viewers. A vampire is not some dirty zombie or a bloodthirsty but dumb werewolf. He is intelligent, cunning, has supernatural powers( turn into a bat, jump further than a living person, etc.), often handsome and has refined manners. We present to you the most interesting and scary movies about vampires .The list of the best novelties includes films from 2000 to 2017, popular with the audience of "Film Search".


  • 10. The Night of Fear( 2011)
  • 9. The Warriors of Light( 2009)
  • 8. Let me in. Saga( 2010)
  • 7. Twilight( 2008)
  • 6. Thirst( 2009)
  • 5. Shadow of the Vampire( 2000)
  • 4. Blade 2( 2002)
  • 3. The Other World( 2003)
  • 2. Only lovers will survive( 2013)
  • 1. Van Helsing( 2004)

10. Night of Fear( 2011)

Rating - 6.5

An entertaining film for fans of the genre of "horror."Angry, self-satisfied, hypnotic-attractive and not without a sense of humor vampire Jerry settles next to the house of a young man named Charlie( played by Anton Yelchin).Realizing that he alone can not cope with such a neighbor Charlie turns for help to the famous illusionist Peter Vincent, who knows a lot about vampires.

9. Warriors of Light( 2009)

Rating - 6.6

In 2019, due to the global epidemic, the whole world is enslaved by vampires. People are sorely lacking, there are only 5% of them and the bloodsuckers have to take care of them. And the blood is now sold as an expensive commodity. A group of scientists is looking for a cure for fighting vampires until people finally die out.

8. Let me in. Saga( 2010)

Rating - 6.6

Once in the evening, the 12-year-old Owen met his neighbor Abby. Although the girl warns him that he can not communicate for certain reasons, friendship and friendship begin between them. However, there is one problem, Abby is a vampire. In reviews, the audience responds positively to the music in the film, it excellently inflates the atmosphere when it is required.

7. Twilight( 2008)

Rating - 6.7

One of the best vampire films that are fiercely booed by some viewers and adores others. Twilight "scolded" for the glamor and refined vampires, for the "amazing emotional game" of the main character, who has one expression for all occasions and for a minimum of action. However, the film has many positive moments: a beautiful love story, energetic and memorable music, beautiful landscapes, a successful selection of actors who were able to reliably transmit the characters of the book of the same name. Love or hate "Twilight" - it's up to you after watching.

6. Thirst( 2009)

Rating - 6.7

The only South Korean movie about a vampire in the top vampire films about a priest who took part in an experiment to test a vaccine against a deadly disease. Because of this, he died, but then reborn and acquired supernatural opportunities: fly, regenerate, and also began to experience an ever-increasing craving for blood.

5. Vampire Shadow( 2000)

Rating - 6.7

In 1921, the silent film "Nosferatu" was released. According to rumors, in the role of the terrible Earl of Orlok( played by Max Shrek), a real vampire starred, who, as a board, satisfied his hunger with the blood of members of the crew and actors. In "The Shadow of the Vampire" an attempt is made to recreate the history of filming "Nosferatu" and tell about the mysterious events that occur while working on the film. The eerie atmosphere of the picture will appeal to true connoisseurs of the gloomy and frightening cinema.

4. Blade 2( 2002)

Rating - 6.8

After defeating his main enemy, Deacon Frost Blade, went in search of his mentor Abraham Whistler, who was in the den of bloodsuckers. Searches led him to Russia and Romania and to the Czech Republic and other countries. However, he could not imagine that he would have to unite with the worst enemies for the sake of victory over an even more terrible enemy - a new kind of ghouls that could destroy all mankind, and at the same time a kind of vampires."Blade 2" is characterized by a swift action, which was famous for the first part.

3. Another World( 2003)

Rating - 7.3

The third position in our vampire collection is one of the best films on werewolves and vampires in the list. Among its merits: gothic-dark scenery, bloody battles, intrigues and charismatic characters, both good and bad. This is a strong and independent vampire Selina, a man Michael by coincidence, caught between two fires( bloodsuckers and werewolves), the ancient vampire Victor and his gloomy secret. According to one of the reviews, "Another World" is a mixture of "Blade", "Matrix", "Crow" and "Equilibrium".

2. Only lovers will survive( 2013)

Rating - 7.4

This is not a film action, it is rather a ballad film about the life and love of two old-old vampires - Adam and Eve. One wants peace and quiet, the other is cheerful and full of energy. The wonderful duet of Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, as well as excellent music allowed to create a very emotional, sensual movie with a share of the drama.

1. Van Helsing( 2004)

Rating - 7.5

The legendary monster hunter Van Helsing is sent to a small but full of dangers to the country of Transylvania. There, a family consisting of three charming vampires and their "common husband" - Count Dracula - terrifies the local population. To the aid of Van Helsing comes the brave beauty Anna Valerie, who must rid her family of the terrible curse associated with Dracula. Yes, and Van Helsing in the past was somehow connected with a charming, not devoid of a sense of humor and a loving vampire. And in the movie there is a monster of Frankenstein and Wolfman, on which the outcome of the battle between the main characters largely depends.