Top 10 films about angels, the list of the best

Angels, these wonderful and formidable guides of God's will, appeared in many fantastic, comedic or even dramatic works for many years. Hollywood responded to the general public's interest in celestial beings with a long list of films. We present you the newest and interesting films about the angels .The list of the best includes paintings that were released from 2000 to 2017 and have a high rating on "Film Search".

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  • 10. Seven Days on Earth( 2010)
  • 9. The Littleest Angel( 2011)
  • 8. My Boyfriend is the Angel( 2011)
  • 7. The Fallen( 2006)
  • 6. The Lavender( 2001)
  • 5. No(2005)
  • 4. Idiots and Angels( 2008)
  • 3. Heavenly Judgment( 2012)
  • 2. Angel-A( 2005)
  • 1. Heavenly Postman( 2009)

10. Seven Days on Earth( 2010)

Rating - 6.1

Beautiful and romantic story, which is nice to see in an embrace with a loved one. For ten years an angel named Will was the keeper of the life and happiness of the girl Amanda. But now his mission is over and then Will suddenly realizes that he is in love with Amanda, although for angels such feelings are a curiosity. He decides to win the love of a beauty, because he knows about it almost everything. There is only one problem - Amanda finds a man-man.

9. The smallest angel( 2011)

Rating - 6.2

This cute cartoon is for a very young audience, 5-6-year-old children. A little angel and his faithful puppy go to Earth to return a box containing things that remind the angel of the days when he was an ordinary boy. Friends have to overcome many obstacles to find your favorite thing, do many good things and find a gift for the newborn Jesus.

8. My boyfriend is an angel( 2011)

Rating - 6.6

The best films about angels, in addition to foreign versions, also got a Russian film with Arthur Smolyaninov and Anna Starshenbaum in the lead roles. In the center of the story is the angel Seraphim, who met with the usual girl Sasha. Sasha, of course, does not believe in the supernatural origins of his new acquaintance and Serafim has to perform miracles for her. The background is unobtrusive soundtracks in English.

7. Fallen( 2006)

Rating - 7

A youngster orphan Aaron Corbet learns that in fact he is a nephew, a creature that emerged from the union of a man and an angel. Aaron has the ability to forgive the fallen angels who were cast into hell along with Lucifer. Now Aaron is to return them to the ranks of the Heavenly Host.

6. Lavender( 2001)

Rating - 7.1

Good fantasy of Hong Kong production. Once upon the balcony of Athens fell an angel named Angel( predictable, but easy to remember), which had wings damaged. He can not return to heaven until the Passover when the Heavenly Gate is revealed. Until that time, he needs to periodically energize. And the angels feed on love and kindness. Athena recently lost a loved one and, with him, and interest in life. The angel can not calmly look at the sufferings of the girl and decides to dispel her anguish.

5. No news from God( 2001)

Rating - 7.1

The fifth place in the list of films about angels and demons is the movie, in which the charming Penelope Cruz( demoness) and Victoria Abril( angel) play. The task of the angel is to save the soul of boxer Manny, in whose life everything is bad. Accordingly, the demoness's task is to prevent his rival from the Heavenly Chancery. The outcome of the rivalry is very important, since it depends on the final triumph of Hell, which thrives and is filled with a mischievous public or the triumph of Paradise, which will finally be able to replenish almost empty Champs Elysees.

4. Idiots and Angels( 2008)

Rating - 7.3

In our top 10 best angel stories, another cartoon hit, but this time not for children, but for adults. A worthless drunkard, waking up one morning, discovers behind his back the angel wings. He does his best to get rid of them, but the wings grow every time again. Moreover, they seem to live a separate life, forcing their owner to do good deeds. What will be stronger: the craving for a familiar, albeit useless and gloomy life or a good, but not too welcome, beginning?

3. Heavenly Judgment( 2012)

Rating - 7.7

The stars of Russian cinema - Konstantin Khabensky and Mikhail Porechenkov - played the role of prosecutor and lawyer, and not ordinary ones, but working in the Heavenly Court. This court decides where to send the human soul after death. The lawyer represents the interests of Paradise, the prosecutor - Ada. And one day in the dock is a man who made an offer to the widow of the prosecutor.

Even those who are skeptical of domestic cinema are encouraged to watch this emotional and easy-to-read film, with good humor and impressive acting.

2. Angel-A( 2005)

Rating - 7.7

The director of this picture is Luc Besson, which means that it will not bore spectators. The hero of "Angel-A" is the Parisian Andre, who owed the bandits a tidy sum. He does not have the money, there is no help to wait, and all that remains is to commit suicide. However, after seeing how the beautiful beauty of the girl falls in the Seine, Andre rushes after her. The rescued beauty helps him get out of trouble in very original ways. And Andre asks himself: why does this ideal being care so much about him?

1. Celestial Postman( 2009)

Rating - 7.8

It is a difficult job to deliver correspondence to Paradise. But someone must do it, because the inhabitants of Heavenly Kushch also like to receive letters from relatives and friends. That's just the postman can not return to Heaven because of a girl who can not reconcile with the death of a loved one.