Top 10 longest series

Modern series compete in quality with the films - these are real works of art with brilliant acting and strong direction. In the eighties and nineties, there were few quality TV shows: soap operas did not come off the screens. The duration of some of these TV shows became the legendary .

Many Russians are sure that the longest series was filmed in Brazil, but it is not. Records on the duration of soap operas are Americans. Suffice it to recall the famous "Santa Barbara", which made millions of Russian housewives cry. Surprisingly, this series is not the longest in the world.


  • 10. "Santa Barbara"
  • 9. "Daring and beautiful"
  • 8. "Neighbors"
  • 7. "At the threshold of the night"
  • 6. "Another world"
  • 5. "Young and audacious"
  • 4"All my children"
  • 3. "One life"
  • 2. "How the world revolves"
  • 1. "Guiding light"

10. "Santa Barbara"

The teleroman about the life of the family of millionaires Capwells takes the tenth line. The project was launched in 1984, and the last issue of "Santa Barbara" American television showed in the winter of 1993.The film crew took 2137 episodes. To watch the whole series, the viewer will not have to move away from the TV for 66 days.

The famous actors Robin Wright-Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tim Robins have lit up in Santa Barbara.

9. "Daring and beautiful"

Any list of the longest serials necessarily includes this soap opera, which was launched in March 1987.Creators shot an incredible amount of material - 5777 series or 120 days of continuous viewing.

The "Cheeky and beautiful" tells about the family of fashion designers Forrester, leading the typical way for American rich people.

8. "Neighbors"

The two previous series have sunk into oblivion, while the issues of "Neighbors" have been published so far. In 2017, the TV show will celebrate its 32nd anniversary. To date, shot 5870 series, but the creators do not intend to complete the project.

Narrative of the series about several families living in the neighborhood. In the TV show, such stars as Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and R. Crow were starred.

7. "On the eve of the night"

The article about the longest series will be incomplete without a detective series "On the eve of the night."Broadcasting of this television product began in 1956, completed - in 1984th.6200 series "On the eve of the night" will force the viewer to hold the screen for 130 days.

The series is quite interesting, in some series the stars of the cinema are involved, for example, M. Shin, R. Scheider, D. Moore.

6. "Another World"

In 1964, the shooting of the series "Another World" began. Until 1999, the audience watched the adventures of the heroes of this TV show. The shooting team managed to shoot 8872 series, which can be viewed in about a year. The series raised important public topics: drugs, abortion, prostitution. In this regard, "Another World" has repeatedly appeared in the center of the scandal.

5. "Young and Daring"

This soap opera tells about the life of two clans of fashion designers from Genoa. Total shot 9300 series. In the series marked the famous actor Paul Walker.

"Young and Bold" is quite popular to this day, and the creators have every chance to take a higher line of the rating of the longest serials.

4. "All my children"

In 1970, American TV showed the first series of a soap opera about the inhabitants of the Pine Valley - a region in Pennsylvania. The series is still popular, it is happily removed actors of the first caliber - E. Taylor, K. Slater, S. Ward, A. Seyfried.

By 2016, the creators have filmed 10333 series, which can be viewed in 430 days.

3. "One Life"

The series about the non-existent town of Lanview in America raised the themes of racism and drug use by young people. Since 1968, 10625 issues have been filmed. Among the actors of the series are T. Jones, L. Fishburne, A. Pete.

2. "How the world revolves"

The soap opera about the inhabitants of the town of Oakdale boasts 13763 footage series. It will take almost 2 years to review this material.

In the series in different periods, M. Shin, D. Biggz, M. Ryan had a chance to act.

1. "Guiding light"

Finally, is the longest series in the world - the soap opera "Guiding light" .Since 1952, 15762 episodes have been shot. The creators would shoot "Guiding light" until now, but the decline in the spectator interest forced the producers to close the project.

The series is officially included in the Guinness Book."Guiding Light" is the life story of a priest trying to guide the true harsh inhabitants of the suburban area of ​​Chicago.