Top 10 best movies about sports, a list of all times

The best films about sports are not only enumeration of sports achievements, but also history of successes and defeats, courage in the face of loss and the delight of victory, the strain of all forces, vivid emotions and destructive passions. Even people far from this side of life can feel the serious tension that is beating from the screen. The rating of sports films 2000 - 2017 is made on the basis of ratings and user reviews on the site "KinoBeach".


  • 10. Touching the void( 2003)
  • 9. Coach Carter( 2005)
  • 8. Class 92( 2013)
  • 7. Million Dollar Baby( 2004)
  • 6. Race( 2013)
  • 5. The Unseen Side( 2009))
  • 4. The art of flying( 2011)
  • 3. Life Cycles( 2005)
  • 2. Knockdown( 2005)
  • 1. Senna( 2010)

10. Touching the Void( 2003)

Rating - 8

processing of events that actually happened with two English alpinists. During the world's first ascent to the previously unassailable mountain in the Peruvian Andes, one of them broke his leg. Will humanity stand before the fear of death? A very emotionally charged movie on the background of stunningly beautiful snow landscapes, ready at any moment to turn into a deadly trap.

9. Coach Carter( 2005)

Rating - 8

What is more important - a successful business or the fate of those on the basis of which this business is done? In 1999, the actual trainer Carter solved this issue in favor of the latter, having thundered with his act to the whole of America. He forbade young successful basketball players to participate in competitions until they tighten the ratings. A good sports drama about a strong person who is trying to pave the way to the hearts of teenagers from difficult areas.

8. Class 92( 2013)

Rating - 8

In 1992, Manchester United began their career with six players, whose names are now known to every fan of this sport. The documentary is dedicated to seven bright years from the history of the team, from the victory in the Youth Cup of England to the brilliant triumph in the Champions League.

7. Million Dollar Baby( 2004)

Rating - 8.1

Four-time Oscar-winning drama produced by Clint Eastwood, in which Hilary Swank plays. In the center of the story is an elderly boxing trainer Frank Dunn, who is afraid of getting attached to someone and the strong body and spirit of Maggie, who dreams of becoming a professional boxer. This is one of the best movies about sports, love, hope and pain.

6. Race( 2013)

Rating - 8.1

What are you ready to do to win? How far to go? And, most importantly, what to do next?"Race" tells the story of the confrontation between two outstanding drivers, N. Lauda and D. Hunt, at a time when the "Formula 1" still lacked a system of qualifications and personal skills played a major role.

Even at the most powerful car, a talented sportsman had a chance to compete on an equal footing with the leaders. The background is the crazy seventies, a sea of ​​alcohol and devoted fans.

5. The Invisible Side( 2009)

Rating - 8.1

The glorious story that there are kind people in the world and there are those who are worthy of their kindness, and that even a low life start can not prevent us from taking off. For all its fairy-tale, the movie is based on real events - the life stories of a black football player in American football Michael Oer and the white Christian family who adopted him. For the filming in this film, Sandra Bullock decided to reduce her usual fee and agree to the interest from the fees. And she did not fail, because the "Invisible Side" became a real hit.

4. The Art of Flight( 2011)

Rating - 8.2

Let people and do not fly like birds, yet it is possible for a person to laugh at least for a moment over the force of gravity."The art of flying" is a film made in the documentary genre that allows even the spectators comfortable in the chair to feel the atmosphere of snowboarding sports, all its energy, sharpness, adrenaline rush and, of course, the feeling of flying over snow-capped peaks.

3. Life Cycles( 2005)

Rating - 8.2

Under this mysterious name( unfortunately, in the Russian translation the original wordplay is lost) there is a stunningly beautiful film about bicycles, their riders, their ups and downs - in direct and figurative senses. Atmospheric cinema with excellent camera work and master soundtrack.

2. Knockdown( 2005)

Rating - 8.2

Although Knockdown is based on real events( the outstanding victory of the American boxer James Braddock, who brought him the world title), this is rather an American myth. The story of how an outstanding personality could, despite all the obstacles, the difficult economic situation in the country, famine and injuries, win and became a hero and a symbol of hope for the rest of the humiliated and disadvantaged. Although the fairy tale, and the impression produces, not in vain in the collection of sports cinema, it is in second place in popularity.

1. Senna( 2010)

Rating - 8.4

The first place among the best movies about sports is the movie about the life of Ayrton Senna - the legendary racer who received the nickname "The Sorcerer" from the press and fans. Senna differed not only in the ability to pilot a racing car on the brink of the impossible - outside the track he was a very charming and gentle person who made a deep impression on everyone who talked to him. A documentary about his ten years of life, from the first race to the tragic death, is shot with an abundance of rare and valuable sources, including private archives of the family.