Top-10 films about the end of the world, the list of the best

For someone, the end of the world is when the Internet stops working, for someone - to lose work. But what happens when this end of the world comes to all mankind? When power stations stop working, you can not buy food in shops, and the water will not be gurgling in the taps. Thanks to Hollywood, which gives us the opportunity to safely observe all the variety of options for the Apocalypse. We present to you the most popular and interesting films about the end of the world .The list of the best was compiled on the basis of the rating on "Film Search" and includes films from 2000 to 2017.


  • 10. The Book of Eli( 2009)
  • 9. The Road( 2009)
  • 8. The Hell( 2007)
  • 7. The Child of Man( 2006)
  • 6. The Future of the Planet: Life After the People( 2008)
  • 5. Welcomein the Zombieland( 2009)
  • 4. 28 days later( 2002)
  • 3. Last Love on Earth( 2010)
  • 2. The Day after Tomorrow( 2004)
  • 1. I am the Legend( 2007)

10. The Book of Eli( 2009)

Рейтинг- 7.1

A global catastrophe has taken place and here already on the spot of the democracy stronghold a lifeless desert unfolds. In this desert, there is a merciless war between gangs, and in the midst of the chaos is a wise wanderer Eli, in whose bag is the last Bible. In a world where people are confused and do not believe each other, the Bible can become the strongest psychological weapon, so the enemies of Eli are ready to do anything to take the book from him.

9. Road( 2009)

Rating - 7.1

It's cold, hungry, civilization has come to an end, people eat each other, and along the ashy-gray, ashes strewn road, father( Viggo Mortensen) with his son( played by Cody Smith-McPhee).Their goal is to reach the warm places, but will it be possible to implement it in an atmosphere of universal hopelessness and wildness?

8. Hell( 2007)

Rating - 7.3

In 2057 the Sun fades away, and this means death for all life on Earth. The astronauts on the ship "Ikar 2" must deliver a nuclear charge to the dying star. During the flight, the crew receives a weak signal from the Icarus I, who disappeared a few years ago, performing a similar mission. Astronauts decide to change the flight path to find out the fate of Icarus 1 and deliver the charge from it to the surface of the Sun.

In the reviews, the audience praises the visualization and sound in the film, and also notes the well-developed characters of the main characters.

7. The Child of Man( 2006)

Rating - 7.3

Sometimes the end of the world does not come with a horrific outburst of a nuclear explosion, not with the fiery hell of erupting volcanoes and not even with moans diverging from the giant earth's faults. He comes quietly, depriving mankind of the opportunity to have children. And the symbol of possible salvation becomes a pregnant woman, whom the protagonist should be sent to shelter, under the supervision of doctors.

6. The future of the planet: Life after people( 2008)

Rating - 7.3

The sixth line in the top films about the end of the world is the tape, which simply and interestingly tells what will happen if all people disappear from the face of the Earth. Conclusions made in the movie are based on research data of places suddenly abandoned by residents.

5. Welcome to Zombiland( 2009)

Rating - 7.4

The theme of the end of the world with the invasion of a zombie and a group of surviving people is exploited in the cinema for several years. What Zombieland attracted the attention of viewers? Firstly, an excellent cast, secondly, a wonderful soundtrack, and thirdly, humor( yes, in the films about the global "all-propyl" can also be a good black humor).And then there's Bill Murray and his 10 minutes on the screen - it's something amazing. If you want to have a good time, look "Welcome to Zombiland".Only without children.

4. 28 days later( 2002)

Rating - 7.5

Sometimes an attempt to save nature can result in the death of millions of people. This is what happens when a group of "green" penetrates into a secret laboratory and releases a monkey, infected with a terrible virus of aggression, to freedom. The virus quickly spreads and now the neighborhood is filled with bloodthirsty monsters, which were once people. The surviving civilians, together with the military, are hiding in an abandoned house. Perhaps they will manage to correct the situation. The frightening soundtrack adds drama, and the camera's "shaking" camera, along with the speeding up of the picture in the attack of the infected, can overtake the horror even on people's strong psyches.

3. Last Love on Earth( 2010)

Rating - 7.6

It's scary when one of the five nature-given feelings disappears. And what if all five disappear, one by one? This is what happens to people in the film. The main characters - chef Michael and epidemiologist Susan - at first do not like each other, but gradually realize that in a world where feelings cease to serve their "masters", one must stay together and appreciate every day lived. The picture is taken in maximally

intelligible form, without superfluous sentiments and because what is happening on the screen looks even heavier and darker.

2. The day after tomorrow( 2004)

Rating - 7.6

To die from a drought or freeze? A little attractive choice, whatever one may say. However, the creators of the film did not leave any choice to the characters. Apocalypse has come and escaping from the terrible cold weather, the population of America is running south, to Mexico. And at this time, a scientist climatologist in search of his son goes to New York, where the ice age begins.

1. I am a legend( 2007)

Rating - 7.8

Heads a selection of the best films about the end of the world a good story about the war of vampires with Will Smith. Because of the unknown virus, half of the world's population was killed, and the remaining half turned into ghouls. During the day they sleep, and at night they go hunting. And only a single person, not infected for an unknown reason, Dr. Robert Nevvil, is trying to find out why the epidemic began.

Scary vampires, frames of extinct New York, wonderful musical compositions - all this helps the viewer to completely immerse himself in the atmosphere of the film and wholeheartedly empathize with the protagonist.