Rating of the best cartoons of 2012

Modern cartoons are enjoyed by both children and adults. Computer graphics, special effects and sparkling humor are inherent in most of the animated novelties of 2012.In the sounding of the majority of animated films, eminent actors took part who are proud of their participation in such projects no less than the real roles in the box-office films.

In our today's rating, collected the best cartoons of 2012 .Some are designed exclusively for the young spectator, others are designed for a wider audience. Be that as it may, these cartoons collect in theaters full halls and get the most positive feedback from the audience.

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  • 8.Sheveli fins 2.
  • 7.Paranorman, or How to tame the zombies.
  • 6. The Lorax.
  • 5.Tarbozavr 3D( Jeombaki: Hanbandoeui Gongryong 3D).
  • 4.Brabraya heart( Brave).
  • 3.Madagaskar 3.
  • 2.Jungli are called! In search of Marsupilami( Sur la piste du Marsupilami).
  • 1. The King of the Lion 3D( The Lion King).

8.Sheveli fins 2.

The first part of the cartoon was released in 2010.The sequel, released on the big screen in August 2012, tells about the new adventures of sea turtles. Jokes for adults in the film are missing, and the plot will understand even the smallest spectator.

7. Paranorman, or How to Train a Zombie.

For a month, the cartoon has collected 43 million dollars, which is an excellent result. The plot of the film is a story in the genre of fantasy about ghosts, zombies and other mysticism. The protagonist is a boy who can see ghosts, saves his native city from a zombie uprising. Children are encouraged to watch this film exclusively in the presence of their parents.

6. The Lorax.

One of the most profitable cartoon projects in our Top-8.Charges "Lorax" amounted to 338 million dollars for 6 months of hire. By the way, the main character - Loraxa in the Russian, German and Spanish versions is voiced by the magnificent Danny DeVito. The plot of the cartoon unfolds in the plastic world of the near future. The boy Ted is looking for the last living tree that the beloved girl wants to see.

5.Tarbosaur 3D( Jeombaki: Hanbandoeui Gongryong 3D).

The best South Korean cartoon in 2012 tells about the life of dinosaurs. In some places, the multipliers are rather straightforward about the cruelties of the surrounding world. Watch the movie for children preferably in the presence of parents. Throughout the action of the cartoon sounds a beautiful soundtrack.

4.Brabraya heart( Brave).

The action of this adventure fantasy takes place in Scotland. The plot tells of a skillful archer - the princess Merida, coming into conflict with the mighty magic and the most terrible monster of the mountain valley. In the scoring of the Russian version of the cartoon, Lisa Arzamasova, Tatyana Vedeneeva and even Mikhail Shufutinsky took part.

3. Madagascar 3.

The third part of one of the best animated series of our time takes place in Europe. Funny and loved by all Alex, Gloria, Melman, Marty and the company of cheerful penguins will try their hand at the circus arena. Russian voice acting was made by Konstantin Khabensky, Masha Malinovskaya, Alexander Tsekalo, and Oskar Kucera.

2. The jungles are called! In search of Marsupilami( Sur la piste du Marsupilami).

The joint Franco-Belgian project is an adventure comedy, the action of which unfolds in the mysterious country of Palombia. And Marsupilami - the most mysterious animal on Earth, which is to be saved from poachers, scientists and even military. The highlight of the cartoon is the presence in the frame of ordinary actors along with animation characters.

1. The King of the Lion 3D( The Lion King).

The modern version of one of the of the best Disney cartoons offers to watch the adventures of the Simba lion cub in 3D format. The plot has not changed since 1974.The new version of "The Lion King" is watched with great pleasure by both kids and adults, who were still children 18 years ago and watched a two-dimensional film with a sinking heart.

Trailer for the best cartoon of 2012.