Interesting facts about the Titanic: myths, stories and photos in our top 10

Billions of people around the world watched Leonardo DiCaprio drown in the movie Titanic. This tape is based on the true events that occurred around midnight on April 14, 1912 aboard the luxury liner Titanic. Myths, facts, photos, dedicated to this event, you will find in our top-10 little-known facts and surprisingly interesting stories about the "Titanic" .


  • 10. Ticket at the price of a small state
  • 9. Escaped dogs
  • 8. Spoiled honeymoon
  • 7. Fatal error of the captain
  • 6. Profit from the
  • disaster 5. The real hero
  • 4. All sorts of things
  • 3. Drunk and survived
  • 2. Long searches for the "Titanic"
  • 1. Damned mummy

10. Ticket at the price of a small state

For passengers traveling first class, the ticket price was $ 4,350, which in our time is equivalent to $ 106,310.This cost of travel was due to the highest standards of service and increased comfort of the cabins.

9. Rescued dogs

Despite the fact that there were not enough boats on the Titanic to save all people, three dogs were listed among 712 surviving passengers. One Pekingese and two Pomeranian Spitz. And one of the passengers of the Titanic refused to leave the plane without her dog and died with her.

8. The spoiled honeymoon

If you watched the movie about the "unsinkable" liner, then remember the emotional scenes with Jack and Rose in the last minutes when the Titanic was drowning. The historical facts are as follows: 13 couples celebrated their honeymoon on this giant ship. Unfortunately, they probably entered the number of 1,513 drowned passengers.

7. Fatal error captain

Captain of the Titanic, 62-year-old Edward John Smith, had a huge record of service. Here only he had a rich experience in managing sailing ships and small - steamships. Due to lack of knowledge, Smith continued to command the crew to go at full speed( 22 knots), even when the Titanic entered the dangerous ice zone. The result is known.

6. Profit from the disaster

There are several films and television shows that more or less reliably "exploit" the facts about the Titanic. Among them: "Titanic"( 1943), "Unsinkable Molly Brown"( 1964), "Secrets of the Titanic"( 1986), "Ghosts of the Abyss: Titanic"( 2003), "Titanic: Blood and Steel"( year 2012).A film about the Titanic James Cameron, filmed in 1997, brought to the creators profit of one billion dollars, and also won 11 Oscars, including the best film and the best award for directing.

5. The real hero of the

, Charles Herbert Laitoller, was the second captain's assistant to the Titanic and did his best to evacuate women and children. The officer himself miraculously escaped, jumping off the ship and swim to the floating bottom of the folding boat, which was 30 people. By morning they were picked up by sailors from the ship "Carpathia".Lytoller lived to the advanced age - 78 years.

4. All sorts of

"Titanic" ran into the iceberg in its first exit. And this is the only ocean liner that went to the bottom because of the iceberg. In addition, the former leader and founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, was born on April 15, 1912( when the Titanic sank).

3. Drunk and survived

The interesting facts about the "Titanic" included the story of the drunken ship's baker, bartender Charles Juffin. The temperature in the Atlantic Ocean during the tragic events on the Titanic was about 0.56 degrees Celsius. Because of this, people could not survive in it for longer than 15 minutes. A pretty doused hot Djufin until his rescue was frozen in the water for two hours. He proved that drunk is not only the sea knee-deep, but the ocean on the shoulder.

2. Long search for the "Titanic"

It took 73 years to discover the wreckage of the Titanic. This happened in 1985.The body of the liner was divided into two parts and carried away to a depth of 3784 m.

1. Damned mummy

We know exactly how the Titanic died. Scientific facts are undeniable: a handsome liner sank because of an iceberg. But about the cargo that drove the Titanic, there were a lot of rumors. One of them: in a catastrophe the mummy of the prophetess Amenophis IV, who was taken aboard by order of the British historian Lord Kenterville, is guilty. As a particularly valuable item, the box with the mummy was near the captain's bridge.

Some time after the disaster, the newspapers began to publish stories of passengers of the Titanic. Some of them claimed that shortly before the disaster the captain was next to the box Amenophis IV.After which his behavior became extremely strange, and a report on the ice threat was not followed by a timely reaction.