American films about Russia and attitude towards Russians( Top-10)

Hollywood often resorts to national stereotypes when showing villains in the cinema. So in 2014 the dream factory forgot about the tolerant attitude towards Russia and returned to the idea of ​​the bad Russian guys. This can be seen from the crime drama Obshchak, shot according to the scenario of Dennis Lehane. In the film there are cruel Chechens, sometimes called Russian.

We present to you American movies about Russia , a list of ten iconic Hollywood movies that demonstrate the changing image of Russians in the 21st century. The list was compiled on the basis of a sample of Forbes magazine.


  • 10. "The 25th Hour", 2002
  • 9. "The Vice for Export", 2007
  • 8. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", 2008
  • 7. "Iron Man 2", 2010year
  • 6. Salt, 2010
  • 5. "Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol", 2011
  • 4. "Die Hard: A Good Day to Die", 2013
  • 3. "Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory"2014
  • 2. "Search", 2014
  • 1. "Man of November", 2014

10. "25th Hour", 2002

A film about a young drug dealer for whom the last day of freedom is going, before heading totyusoned for 7 years. Russians in the film are shown as mafiosi, and the main one is Levan Uchaneishvili. He was an ally of Boris Berezovsky in the film "The Oligarch".

9. "Vice for export", 2007

The film takes place in London among Russian emigrants and thieves in the law."The vice for export" demonstrates the image of not only the cruel, but attractive enemy, played by Viggo Mortensen.

8. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", 2008

The aged and still energetic Dr. Jones is facing equally energetic KGB agents led by Colonel Irina Spalco. Fortunately, in this film, Russians do not flaunt in felt boots and do not chorus "Black Eyes", although there is a sickle and a hammer, and evening dances at the fireside by the fire. The film is interesting in that it predicted changes in relations between Russia and the West, a hint of which during the filming was not yet.

7. "Iron Man 2", 2010

A life-battered, but still charismatic Mickey Rourke plays the main villain, a Russian physicist. This is not a typical villain who constantly drinks vodka and relies solely on the strength of muscles, but a genius inventor, an extraordinary personality, albeit in head-to-head fashion.

6. "Salt", 2010 year

Incredible adventures of a Russian spy in the US, with Angelina Jolie in the title role. In the 90s, Hollywood showed stupid and evil Russians, not noticing the changes taking place in our country. In 2010, albeit with a delay of several years, he began to show a strong Russia and recognized that there are not only bad, but also good Russians. With all this, "Salt" shows well that the Russians continue to be afraid and consider the main threat to America.

5. "Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol", 2011

In the fifth place in the list of American films about Russians, as in the case of "Salt", Russia appears to be a strong country, but only Russian special agents( in the person of Vladimir Mashkov)they shine. Unlike Tom Cruise, of course. But in the end Russia is shown as an assistant and friend.

4. "Die Hard: A Good Day to Die", 2013

In this costly film about the misadventures of John McClain senior and junior in Moscow, do not find good Russians. And the fact that an American on a stolen truck carries half of the Russian capital is not worth the little things. This part of the Die Hard is the first tape of Hollywood since the second half of the 1990s, in which there are references to specific political realities of the USSR and Russia.

3. "Jack Ryan: Theory of Chaos", 2014

Russia is again called the main enemy of America, as it was already in the 90s. At the same time the film was shot in 2013, when Crimea did not go to Russia. But if the dream factory again makes a monster from Russia, then the American public demands it, for which the film is shot.

2. "Search", 2014

The film by director Michel Hazanavichus about the war in the North Caucasus shows hideous Russian soldiers, sadists and murderers, and remarkable Chechens. There is no third.

1. "Man of November", 2014

Completes the top 10 iconic Hollywood films about the attitude to Russia of a spy thriller in which Pierce Brosnan plays a retired CIA officer performing the last assignment in Moscow. The film is full of cranberry spreading: the main villain is Russian general Arkady Fyodorov, who raped the girls during the conflict in Chechnya. He intends to become the head of Russia. Having won in the presidential election, Fedorov wants to bring Russia into the NATO bloc. He is assisted by the CIA, who is interested in the deposits of Chechen oil. And since Russia has now set itself against the West, the topic of "nasty Russians" Hollywood, apparently, will not leave alone for a while yet.