Russian comedies 2015-2016, the list of the best films

If you want to relax and have fun, watching simple and funny stories, we offer the best Russian comedies of 2015-2016 .The list of the best was compiled on the basis of the ratings of users of the popular service Kinopysk.


  • 10. "End of a beautiful era"( 2015)
  • 9. "About Love"( 2015)
  • 8. "Election Day 2"( 2015)
  • 7. "Dolly's sheep was evil and died early"( 2015)
  • 6. "Friday"( 2016)
  • 5. "Without Borders"( 2015)
  • 4. "The Ghost"( 2015)
  • 3. "The Voices of a Big Country"( 2016)
  • 2. "In the Barefoot Sky"( 2015)
  • 1. "Box"( 2015)

10. "End of a beautiful era"( 2015)

The film's director Stanislav Govorukhin, which means that the viewer will not be disappointed either by the plot or the selection of actors. A kind movie about the stagnant Brezhnev era, about dissidence and politicized life in the USSR.Perhaps, it will not be to the liking of those who expect from the comedy drive, sparkling humor and bright scenes."The end of the beautiful era" is shot in black and white and it is more atmospheric than gay.

9. "About Love"( 2015)

When asked about what is love, each person will respond in different ways. And the characters in this picture show a different kind of love. Or, rather, what they take for love. For someone, she is in the cosplay of anime characters, for someone - in beauty, for someone - in the Russian soul. At the same time the film manages not to slip into a tearful melodrama, and to remain dynamic, cheerful and easy.

8. "Election Day 2"( 2015)

The ironic political pamphlet with pleasant humor and old acquaintances - Quartet I. In the film there are both dishonest prosecutors and mercantile politicians - realism, which is close and understandable for everyone who lives in Russia.

7. "Dolly the sheep was evil and died early"( 2015)

Sometimes a scientific experiment leads to unexpected results. Here Nikita, a modest physics student from MEPhI, gets into the past( 80th years of the twentieth century) and meets there not only young parents, but also his love. And everything would be fine, only Nikita in the past begins to grow old quickly. The future urgently calls back. This film is good to watch along with older relatives who will recall the times of the USSR with bright sadness.

6. "Friday"( 2016)

Where are the best Russian comedies so without everyone's favorite Friday? On this magical day( more precisely the evening after work), a millionaire can become a waiter, an office employee - a party star, and someone will search for kangaroos in the forests of the Moscow region. And then Saturday will come. ..

5. "Without Borders"( 2015)

A kind, easy and sometimes nostalgic comedy with several storylines. In fact, there are 4 shorts in one film: the story of a football player, the love affair of elderly people( played by Inna Churikova and Oleg Basilashvili), the relationship between father and son and the story of two friends who are meeting the girls for a dispute.

4. "Ghost"( 2015)

Fate-villain: yesterday you are a successful aircraft designer and an idol of women, and today - a ghost, and sees you only a schoolboy stunned by his mother and classmates. And there are only 7 days to complete the whole life - to lift the South-1 aircraft into the air, the newest model in the domestic aviation. By the way, in the list of the best Russian films in 2015-2016, the comedy takes an honorable place.

3. "Voices of a Big Country"( 2016)

A story about what happens to participants in a popular TV show after the lights of the spotlights go out. The audience will hear the favorite songs of past years in a beautiful modern arrangement.

2. "In the Barefooted Sky"( 2015)

Do you like dances and songs in films? No, not only Indian "Jimmy, Jimmy, Acha, Acha", but beautiful, memorable dances and songs, which in moderation? Then look at the romantic tragicomedy "In the Barefoot Sky"( the first large-scale Caucasian film project) and enjoy it. Beautiful views of the North Caucasus in the picture serve as a background for the bright and bright feelings of young people - Bit and Capella.

1. "Box"( 2015)

The theme of the sport is a rare guest in Russian comedies 2015-2016.The list of the best films of this genre was led by the story of three friends, keen on domestic football. Their world is a football box, a territory where only their own play. But one day a small team had to face another company, and arrange a tournament, the rate in which is already more than a box. In this film there is no pathos and deliberate patriotism. It's just that young spectators will show on the example of the relationship of the heroes what is good, but what is mean, how to act like a man, and how not to.