The most disastrous films of 2016, the Forbes rating

Some films you want to revise several times, and even show the children and grandchildren to know what a good movie is. But there are other pictures, which can be safely called the "failure of the year".The list of such "losers" was prepared by Forbes magazine.

We present you the rating of the most disastrous movies of 2016 in terms of box office. It includes only films that have been shown in more than 2,000 theaters.

And for those who do not want to waste time, we have prepared a rating of the best films of 2016.


  • 10. "The instigators"
  • 9. "Snowden"
  • 8. "Brothers from Grimsby"
  • 7. "Reporter's"
  • 6. "Spies next door"
  • 5. "Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers"
  • 4"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"
  • 3. "Pop Star: Do not Stop, Do not Stop"
  • 2. "Free Jones State"
  • 1. "Max Steele"

10. "The instigators"

  • Creation spent: 25 million. dollars.
  • Fees: 22 million dollars.

This is not the worst comedy, although it was on the list of failed films. As noted by Natalie Robehmed of Forbes, not all films failed because they are bad. Some of the participants in the top 10 were well received by critics, but they turned out to be outsiders in the cinema world for a number of reasons, be it marketing, screening date, bad viewers' reviews or a combination of several factors.

9. "Snowden"

  • The creation cost: 40 million dollars.
  • Fees: 34.3 million dollars.

The case when the film is favorably received by critics and without much enthusiasm - by the audience. Oliver Stone's tape tells of a courageous employee of the CIA and the NSA, who was not afraid to open the eyes of the public to the total shadowing of the democracy stronghold behind his partners. It is based on real events, with minor fictional "insertions."But for a spy thriller there is a lot of melodrama in it, and for those who wanted to learn more about Snowden, there are many already known moments in the film.

8. "Brothers from Grimsby"

  • $ 35 million was spent on the creation.
  • Fees: 28.7 million dollars.

The biggest failure of film collections with Sasha Baron Cohen. A comedy about two brothers - a special agent and not too( to put it mildly) a clever football fan. Together they have to save the planet from an imminent threat. It's a difficult task, because they failed to save the film.

7. "Reporter's"

  • The creation spent: $ 35 million.
  • Fees: 25 million dollars.

An employee of the well-known television channel Kim Baker goes to Afghanistan and covers the events taking place there for five years. The beginning of her trip coincides with the entry into Afghanistan of coalition troops led by the United States. The creators of the film tried to mix comedy and drama, eventually they got a "dish", which was not to all spectators.

6. "Spies in the neighborhood"

  • $ 40 million was spent on the creation.
  • Fees: $ 27 million.

Unremarkable tracks, mediocre game of Ayla Fisher, a small number of good jokes, a trivial storyline. Scenes of shootings, again, so-so. And this is not the whole set of claims that arose from the audience.

5. "Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers"

  • $ 20 million was spent on the creation.
  • Fees: 11.8 million dollars.

The worst cartoon is based on a series of video games. However, with the popularity of his case is much worse than the "source".The graphics are average, the plot is banal, many jokes are not funny. The villain wants to conquer the world, the funny eared mechanic Ratchet, who became a galactic ranger, with the company must save the world. The film from the category "looked and immediately forgot".

4. "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

  • $ 28 million was spent on creation.
  • Fees: 16.4 million dollars.

Famous cast, beauty, black humor, zombies. All the makings to "take off" to the heights of box office. Why did the audience dislike the film? Transitions between the genres of "horror", "romanticism", "comedy" and "ekhnsh" are made quite roughly, and therefore the contrast between them is very noticeable. A zombie more shade the main plot action, than really scare.

3. "Pop Star: Do not Stop, Do not Stop"

  • $ 20 million was spent on the creation.
  • Fees: 9.5 million dollars.

"Stop and stop" - as the audience says, voting money against this comedy musical about the three friends who created the successful band The Style Boyz.

2. "Free Jones State"

  • $ 50 million was spent on the creation.
  • Fees: 23 million dollars.

Ribbon in which Matthew McConaughey acts as a participant in the civil war in the United States. The cinema is based on real events and touches on topics that are sensitive to many Americans, including the relations of blacks and whites, planters and poor people, negroes and freedom. With all the merits of the film is quite monotonous and spectacular moments in it a little.

1. "Max Steel"

  • $ 10.4 million was spent on the creation.
  • Fees: 4.4 million dollars.

A fantastic film about a superhero, based on the animated series 2013 about a guy gifted with a great turbo power. But it turned out that there are enough charismatic and not very superheroes in the carnival yet, with much more respectable and vivid biographies. And the teenagers, on whom the film is designed, already have someone to equal. So "Max Steel" is called the most disastrous film of 2016, and this is hardly the fault of the audience.