Top 10 best alien movies, a list of all time

Why do UFOs visit Earth? Probably, for exploratory purposes, a strange zoo may be shown to small aliens, and perhaps, they study the future site of the invasion. Whatever it was, from the glowing disks in the sky and green men it's better to stay away. Let them have a better deal with scientists and Hollywood filmmakers. We present to you the most best films about aliens , released in the period from 2000 to 2017.The collection includes sci-fi scenes about friendly or ill-intentioned aliens.

We also prepared a list of the best films about the end of the world, which you will like.


  • Attraction - A new film about aliens of 2017
  • 10. The Day the Earth Stood Still( 2008)
  • 9. The Ender's Game( 2013)
  • 8. Signs( 2002)
  • 7. Prometheus( 2012)
  • 6. War of the Worlds(2005)
  • 5. Oblivion( 2013)
  • 4. Arrival( 2016)
  • 3. District No.9( 2009)
  • 2. You are not alone( 2003)
  • 1. Planet Ka-Pax( 2001)

Attraction - The New Movieabout the aliens of 2017

10. The Day the Earth Stood Still( 2008)

Rating - 6.2

Human affairs can overflow the patience of aliens. And one day an emissary from the civilization of Klaatu came to Earth with a demand to stop wars and destruction. Otherwise, our planet will be destroyed, since it poses a threat to other inhabitants of the universe. Earthlings have time to improve, but is it enough?

9. Ender's game( 2013)

Rating - 6.6

The top films about the aliens are continuing with a picture starring such stars as Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley. In the center of the story is a young child prodigy Ender( Acea Butterfield), a graduate of a military school, who is training cadres to defend against the invasion of aliens-Zhukers. As a final exam, he and his comrades are offered a game on which the future of human civilization depends. This film will be of interest to adults and young fans of the science fiction genre, with complex characters, an excellent graphic component, dynamic action and good musical accompaniment.

8. Signs( 2002)

Rating - 6.9

The creativity of director M. Knight Shyamalan is perceived by film fans ambiguously. He has frankly failed works, such as "The Lord of the Elements", but there are also very good ones, such as "Signs."This is the story of a former priest, now farmer Graham Hesse( Mel Gibson), who discovers giant mysterious signs on his field. Hess yearns to find out who leaves these marks on his property and, most importantly, why. He begins an investigation that gives extremely frightening results.

By the way, the circles on the field were real, since Shyamalan is not a fan of computer graphics.

7. Prometheus( 2012)

Rating - 7

Where can I find the cradle of humanity? Prometheus will answer this question to the audience. In the dark and terrible corners of the universe, brave researchers will search for the creators of mankind, and find the Alien among their own.

6. War of the Worlds( 2005)

Rating - 7

Director Steven Spielberg rethought the novel by Herbert Wells and moved the action from Victorian England to the early 21st century. And the main interest here is not so much extraterrestrial invaders( although there is something to see), but how people react to the invasion and the protagonist, played by Tom Cruise. And then, how, during a great misfortune, family ties are strengthened, seemingly long-broken.

5. Oblivion( 2013)

Rating - 7.2

The fifth place in the top films about aliens is another picture, the main role in which was performed by Tom Cruise. This time he plays not the frightened father of the family, who escapes from the aliens. He is a technician for the maintenance of drones, which protect the working substations from aliens. These substations supply the remnants of energy after the war with the aliens. However, the day comes when the technician Jack learns that the substations are needed for a completely different purpose, and he did not call the aliens what they need.

4. Arrival( 2016)

Rating - 7.5

One of the best UFO films and ways to connect people with other intelligent creatures. One day, the sky over the various cities of the world was flooded with unidentified flying objects. People do not know what to expect from uninvited guests. The linguist Louise Banks and the physicist Jan Donnelly must understand the situation and establish an interplanetary dialogue.

3. District No.9( 2009)

Rating - 7.7

Some are ready to welcome refugees on their land, others treat them with suspicion and caution. But what happens if the refugees are not people, but aliens? The government, which does not yet know what to do with such a gift from heaven, temporarily placed aliens in Area 9 and viewers look at it through the eyes of the main characters. Perhaps the title of "nonhumans" in Area No. 9 deserve no strangers at all.

Excellent movie, which touches on such topical topics as racism, discrimination, segregation and fear of the unknown.

2. You're not alone( 2003)

Rating - 7.8

We are used to the fact that Indian films are constantly singing and dancing. Well, or, at least, there are fights with the sound of a breaking piece of wood. But "You're not alone" breaks stereotypes. This is a story about the mentally retarded young man Rohite and his only friend, Nisha. In the computer of Sanjay, the deceased father of Rohit, they find pictures and descriptions of extraterrestrial constructions. Once Sanjay created this computer to send messages to alien races. And here the machine gives the signal by the efforts of Rohit and Nishi. And the answer comes to him.

1. Planet Ka-Pax( 2001)

Rating - 8

Is it possible to tell an Earthman from an alien if they have the same physiology and appearance? This is the subject of the movie, which led the list of the best films about aliens. To the psychiatrist Mark Powell of the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, a strange patient comes in who claims to be an alien from the Ka-Pax planet. On Earth, this man was allegedly transported in a ray of light. He even calls the time of departure back home. And over time, Mark begins to doubt, but what if the patient is really not from our world?