Top 5 best movies based on real events

Movies that tell us about real events, allow us to witness how the course of history changed or plunged into the history of one person. Before you the best movies based on real events .

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  • 1. Dallas Customer Club( 2014)
  • 2. "American Sniper"( 2015)
  • 3. "Playing in the Simulation"( 2015)
  • 4. "127 Hours"( 2010)
  • 5. "1+1( 2012)

1. Dallas Club of Buyers( 2014)

The film is based on real life events of Ron Woodruff. A real cowboy and an inveterate rodeo participant were diagnosed with AIDS and given a period of 30 days. Doctors assure the main character that nothing can be done. And Ron is embarking on an independent search for a medicine that can prolong his life and the lives of other doomed. The exit turns out to be illegal, but the man is ready for anything to be cured. In order to help other patients, he organizes the "Dallas club of buyers", where everyone can get their dose of saving substance.

2. "American Sniper"( 2015)

The film with Bradley Cooper in the title role tells us about the war in Iraq and about a separate feat of US Marine Chris Kyle. The young man faces a truly masculine choice: the defense of the Motherland or the family. Nevertheless, the soldier became a real legend and set a record for the number of opponents killed by him. Destroying terrorists, Chris was awarded the universal glory and recognition of the American people. The footage of his real funeral, which is shown at the end of the film, touches everyone to the depths of his soul, because here you can see a true love for the national hero.

3. "Game in imitation"( 2015)

The actions take place during the Second World War. There is a team that can crack the code of the German Enigma encryption machine. In its composition mathematician Alan Turing comes. Nobody believes in the success of the volunteer operation, but Alan is ready to prove that it is possible to achieve any goal, if not give up. The film is not about war, but about relationships. The plot is really interesting to watch, he keeps the spectator in suspense until the last minutes.

4. 127 Hours( 2010)

A film about the real story that happened with Aron Ralston. Once, without warning anyone, the young man went to the canyon. But the unforeseen happened: the guy fell through the gorge and was crushed by a 300-kilogram boulder. Aron spent 127 hours without food and water. There was no help from anyone, and he himself had to approach a solution that no one would dare. All 127 hours Aaron conducted a video diary. He was seen only by a close young man, as well as director Danny Boyle and starring James Franco.

5. "1 + 1"( 2012)

A real touching story about a paralyzed man and his assistant. From the very beginning it amazes how interestingly the main characters are selected. For the role of the nurse aristocrat Philip called a young bench Driss. It turns out that men in something similar, and the difference of characters brings them closer together and soon they become real friends. The biographical picture shows how important it is to have support and a strong shoulder side by side.