The most anticipated films of autumn 2015

Movies are magic. Cinema is magic. Each year, hundreds of films are produced with an original storyline and professional direction. Thanks to the media, we are always aware of the prime minister, and this is a big plus. After all, sometimes you just do not know what to look. Your attention is offered to the most anticipated films of autumn 2015 .


  • Calls( Released: November 12)
  • Good dinosaur( Released: November 26)
  • Hunger Games: Joke-mockingbird. Part II( Released: November 19)
  • Rock in the East( Released: October 22)
  • The Last Witch Hunter( Released: October 29)
  • Chef Adam Jones( Released: November 12)
  • Spy Bridge( Released:November 26)
  • 007: SPECTRUM( Released: November 6)

Calls( Released: November 12)

Waiting Rating( Movie Search) - 84%

Continuation of the well-known and most popular horror films. Samara Morgan is a twelve-year-old girl with an unbalanced psyche. She is subjected to bullying by others, which awaken the most terrible abilities in her. She swears to take revenge on all her offenders. And she can easily get it.

Good dinosaur( Released: November 26)

Expectations rating - 84%

The number of expected films of the fall of 2015 included a cartoon from the creators of "In Search of Nemo" and "Puzzles."Imagine that the dinosaurs were lucky, and the meteorite flew past them. But people could not evolve and stayed at the primitive stage of development. The friendship story of a good dinosaur and curious boy, who will have to go through a variety of trials. A scene with fireflies is simply inimitable!

Hunger Games: Joke-mockingbird. Part II( Released on: November 19)

Rating of expectations - 89%

In its time, "Hunger Games" beat all records of popularity. Now the agiotage was asleep, but the autumn rating of expectations of the premiere of the last film is very high. The story of Katniss Everdin ends. Can she win a civil war and stop the tyranny of President Snow? Or the past and the losses will finally break it?

Rock in the East( Released: October 22)

Rating expectations - 90%

Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Zoe Deschanel and Kate Hudson are the guarantee that the acting in the most anticipated film of autumn will be at the highest level. The main character is a rock manager, which has long been unnecessary for young artists. He travels to Afghanistan and finds his salvation in a girl with a charming voice. Rather, she finds him.

The last witch hunter( Released: October 29)

The expectation rating is 90%

The immortal and final witch hunter has to resort to outside help to win the war for the life of all mankind. But how can this be done if your opponents are the most vile witches who are hungry for death and destruction, and the allies are a young minister of the church and a girl who is called a catcher of dreams?

Chief Adam Jones( Released: November 12)

Movie Expectancy Rating - 92%

Adam Jones is a talented chef who loses everything due to his weak character and addictions. But he is going with strength and decides to regain his former glory and ability. However, it is very difficult to do this when you have too many enemies and few true friends.

Spy Bridge( Released: November 26)

Rating expectations - 93%

James Donovan was engaged in insurance matters, but one day he became a lawyer for a Soviet spy captured by the US government. The film, premiere of which is scheduled for the fall, is based on real events. The film tells the story of the most ordinary person who stood between the two great powers in the terrible times of the Cold War.

007: SPECTRUM( Released: November 6)

The rating of expectations is 94%

The most anticipated film of the fall of 2015 is .The exciting adventures of James Bond continue. This time he will have to fight the global SPECTRUM organization. To do this, he will have to go into the shadows and find those who really need to be trusted. After all, life is at stake and his own. We hope that the new items of this fall will be included in the lists of the best films of recent years. Entangled stories, famous actors and beautiful soundtracks - that's not all. The main thing is to win the audience's heart. And it's not so easy to do!
Despite the high interest in cinematography, autumn 2015 will not be the richest for premieres. It is enough to pay attention to the variety of films released last fall to understand that the crisis has overtaken this sphere.