Rating of the best TV series 2012-2013

Popular television series attract millions of viewers, their characters become akin to family friends, and the intriguing plot makes you look forward to the next series. Of course, not every telenovela really becomes an exciting hit. But the products liked by the public receive continuations in the form of the second, third and subsequent seasons.

Today we offer you the rating of the best TV series 2012-2013 , which included 10 really interesting and high-quality multi-series stories according to the version of the authoritative portal.

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  • 10. Communication.
  • 9. In the field of view.
  • 8. Once in a fairy tale.
  • 7. The boom.
  • 6. American horror story.
  • 5. Black mirror.
  • 4. Shameless.
  • 3. Alien among their own.
  • 2. Force Majeure.
  • 1. The Game of Thrones.

10. Communication.

The American television series started in January 2012.The plot tells of an autistic boy who knows how to predict the future. From the ability of the father to understand the message of his son, perhaps the fate of all mankind depends.

9. In the field of view.

The American series has 2 seasons. The protagonist is a billionaire who has developed a computer program for the US government that allows him to predict terrorist attacks based on video surveillance data. It turns out that in this way it is possible to predict civil crimes.

8. Once in a fairy tale.

The action of the television series in the genre of fantasy takes place simultaneously in the modern and fairy-tale worlds. The protagonist is a 10-year-old boy, whom the mother refused. The adoptive mother of the baby turns out to be the Evil Queen, who cast a spell on the city. Remove the spell can only be the mother of the boy's mother.

7. The boom.

The adventure series is based on the comic book "The Green Arrow" about the superhero. A shipwreck and five years on an uninhabited island turn the former playboy into a hero-protector of the Green Arrow. Under cover of night, the hero fights against crime, carefully concealing his true face.

6. American horror story.

The best series in the genre of "psychological thriller."The main characters are a therapist, his wife and a teenage daughter. The family moves to a new house, which competes with its owners with sophistication, knowing everything about their fears.

5. Black mirror.

The only British television series, included in our rating series 2012-2013 .Separate satirical episodes are not related to each other neither by heroes, nor by the time and place of action. However, the link is the idea of ​​the impact on modern society of information technology in one form or another.

4. Shameless.

The series is an American remake of the British telenovela about the life of a large family of Gallagher and their neighbors. A single father with six children constantly spends his days in a state of intoxication, while the offspring learn to live on their own.

3. Alien among their own.

The best series of 2013 are distinguished by an exciting plot, and "The Alien Among Your Own" also touches upon the acute topic of the fight against terrorism. The series, the third season of which is scheduled for 2013, was awarded several Emmy Awards.

2. Force Majeure.

The amazing duo of a self-taught lawyer posing as a Harvard graduate, and a prestigious New York lawyer, tackles the most intricate cases. Each of the series dynamically and with humor tells about one or two episodes of lawyer practice.

1. The Game of Thrones.

A multi-part drama in the genre of fantasy - the best TV series 2012-2013 of the .In March this year, the premiere of the third season of a successful project is planned. The scene is the fictional continent of Vasteras, where a serious struggle for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms unfolds.