Brigade: Heir - in the outsiders of the films of the year

I want to note that the continuation of a good movie is usually a good movie is not at all. So it happened with the continuation of the well-known TV series "Brigade" - a hit of the nineties. The blockbuster of the past century returns to the screens younger and mutated at the beginning of the new century.

It should be noted that the film was shot "on the motives" of the world-famous bestseller "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​and was changed to Russian style, and the sequel is a parody rather than a nostalgic attempt to resurrect the well-known TV series, therefore, to look for the premiere in the list of the best films2012, it is not necessary.

The short plot of the film is that Belov, who is also Sasha White, dies as a result of an accident provoked by the State Security Committee, and his pregnant wife and little son are urgently evacuated to New York.

We, of course, know that many Russian serials can not do without Sergei Bezrukov, but here he acted very wisely, refusing to act in the sequel to the series that gave him the all-Russian fame and popularity and received deserved recognition throughout Russia and post-Soviet countriesspace.

It's not for nothing that the proverb "Do not become famous, or Sergey Bezrukov will definitely play you", is in it, as in every joke there is only a joke, unfortunately.

Next, the story takes ten years, and the eldest son continues the famous adventures of the heroes of the nineties, not much different from the parent, only happening now. The plot line of the film is rather sluggish and this movie can be safely attributed to a very mediocre one.

But, nevertheless, it is always interesting to compare what was and what has become, so downloading this movie in the "torrent films" rubric can get a kind of pleasure from viewing. In this film, it will be interesting to look at the heirs of the famous actors and musicians and evaluate their class of acting. The main character was played by Andrei Makarevich's son - Ivan Makarevich, the son of Dmitry Nagiyev was also filmed in the tape.

This is a film about Russia today, about a new generation that chooses an honest and fair way of life, unlike its parents. For these young people, words of honor and conscience are not just an empty phrase, but the concept of Motherland is forever associated with Russia.

Music for the film, written by the group "City 312", "Moral Code" and "Mummy Troll" perfectly matches the story line of the film.

Look at this movie, in any case, you will not be bored for sure.