Top 10 films about love

Love. .. How many such a word evokes emotions, not to mention the very feeling. Many films are made about love. Probably as a sign that the feeling of not one sphere of arts has not been left without attention. Such a movie becomes especially popular on Valentine's Day, when the feelings of both partners overwhelm. .. I want to enjoy the love not only in reality, but also in the cinema. We present to your attention Top 10 movies about love .


  • 10. 500 Days of Summer
  • 9. Forgive for Love
  • 8. P.S.I love you
  • 7. Love for dogs is compulsory
  • 6. Eternal radiance of pure reason
  • 5. Memory diary
  • 4. Real love
  • 3. Intuition
  • 2. Hurry to love
  • 1. Sweet November

10. 500 days of summer

Interesting movieabout tender feelings. In this picture the guy tries to prove to the girl that love happens. She does not want to hear anything about this feeling, she does not plan to become someone's girlfriend.

9. Forgive me for the love

"Love of all ages are submissive". .. This phrase is ideal for describing the plot of the film. The story of a 17-year-old girl and the 37th man. She is a young, cheerful girl who is still at school. He is only interested in working in an advertising company. Unexpected accident - this is the event and became the reason for their acquaintance. Easy flirting, after which these people fall madly in love. But they do not know what troubles await them further.

8. P.S.I love you

Real love is immortal. .. The next time the film proves the veracity of this expression. After the death of her husband, Holly loses interest in life, she closes in the apartment, she does not need anything else. The deceased spouse took care of his beloved. He prepared seven letters that would help a woman to transfer his death a little easier and acquire a new meaning of life.

7. Love for dogs is compulsory.

Funny, romantic comedy about people who completely lost the hope to find their love and family. Thanks to the efforts of close people, they get acquainted, although the meeting does not go very well. But still this is the beginning of a new relationship. The main thing here is not to lose hope.

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The protagonist of the film tries to forget his love. For this purpose, he uses a special machine to erase memories. But at some point, Jim, the main character's name, understands that with all his heart and soul he loves that girl. Now he wants to reverse the action of the machine. ..

5. Diary of memory

A love story of two people who belonged to different worlds. They begin to fight for their love. Such a strong feeling is not afraid of any obstacles. Life breeds two lovers, but they still hope that they will meet and be together.

4. Real love

Love exists always and everywhere. The film is proof that you can meet your half at any age and place. Love covers every person. She is subject to both 11-year-olds and adults occupying high positions.

3. Intuition

Unexpected acquaintance, perfectly spent day together. .. And what's next? Is it worth continuing communication? It is this question that torments the main character. She decides that fate will give the answer. The girl writes the phone number on the bill, which she puts in the library book. Then the guys diverge in different directions. If they meet again, or the guy can find the ill-fated bill, it means that fate.

2. Hurry to love

Love inadvertently coming on. .. That's exactly what happened. A tough guy falls in love with a "quiet mouse".But she does not want to be paired with him. He tries to achieve it by any possible means. This film shows us the most sincere feelings that can go through a lot. ..

1. Sweet November

This is the most unusual movie about love. The history of dating two people - businessman Nelson and the amazing woman Sarah. Their worlds never crossed. Sarah suggests Nelson to forget about his work and live with her together for one month. After thinking over this proposal, the guy still agrees. He could not imagine how much his life would change, how he would be happy with Sarah. But November finishes. ..