Top 10 films about gangsters and mafia, the list of the best

The Mafia is known to be immortal. She terrifies the respectable inhabitants and does not let them sleep peacefully at night to the servants of the law. It is safe to watch the life of brutal gangsters and fight inside bandit groups, by watching movies about gangsters and mafia. The list of the best includes Asian and European films produced in the period from 2000 to 2017 and having a high rating on "Film Search".

  • 10. The Irishman( 2010)
  • 9. The Lawlessness( 2010)
  • 8. The New World( 2013)
  • 7. The Prophet( 2009)
  • 6. The Yakuza Brother( 2000)
  • 5. The Damned Way( 2002)
  • 4(2002)
  • 3. Gangster( 2007)
  • 2. City of God( 2002)
  • 1. Departed( 2006)

10. Irishman( 2010)

Rating - 7.1

This is the story of the Irish gangster Danny Green, one of thethe largest mafia figures in Cleveland in the 70s of the 20th century. It is based on real events. Irving and fearless Irish Robin Hood is respected, despite the fact that he was engaged in low-honor cases. The movie starred stars such as Christopher Walken, Mike Starr, Winnie Jones and Val Kilmer, and for their acting in the Irish, they did not have to blush.

9. Chaos( 2010)

Rating - 7.1

The first, but not the last Asian picture in the best movies about gangsters. This time, the focus is not Irish, but the Japanese mafia - yakuza. It took time for tattoos and severed fingers, now the battlefield moved from city streets to the financial world. Behind the ascent of his young comrades along the criminal ladder is an experienced yakuza Otomo( Takeshi Kitano).Only he, perhaps, plays by the rules, which are already outdated for other yakuza.

8. The New World( 2013)

Rating - 7.4

South Korean film about a policeman undercover, which is embedded in the ranks of the Korean mafia. After the death of the boss, he turns out to be one of two candidates for the role of "glavgad."And the policeman has a choice: to return to his usual job or to become the king of the underworld.

7. Prophet( 2009)

Rating - 7.5

19-year-old Malik El Djeben, sentenced to six years in prison, had no goals in life, and the boy did not see much sense in it. However, he liked the leader of a gang of Corsicans, who instructed Malik several dangerous missions.

Gradually, Malik, from a green youngster on errands, turns into a dangerous predator, who has his own ambitious plans.

6. Yakuza's brother( 2000)

Rating - 7.6

In the top films about the mafia came one more tape, the main role in which was played by the brilliant Takeshi Kitano. In the center of the story is Yakuza Anika Yamamoto, who, after the defeat of the clan, travels to America, where he is awaited by an equally cruel and unprincipled criminal world. Being true to the yakuza code Aniki Yamamoto is at war with American gangsters, the outcome of which can be either victory or death.

5. The Damned Way( 2002)

Rating - 7.6

The good husband and father Michael Sullivan( Tom Hanks) lives seemingly quite decent life. Only every morning he goes somewhere by car, and the son sees his father surrounded by strange people. It turns out that Michael is a real gangster. Because of his "work", the life of the Sullivan family is under threat and Michael is forced to start a war with the mafia boss. The praise of the audience deserved not only the game of the main characters, but also a good camera work and excellent musical accompaniment.

4. Double castling( 2002)

Rating - 7.7

Its among strangers, a stranger among its own in the Chinese realities. One is a policeman in the ranks of the mafia, and the other is a mafia in the ranks of the police. Which of them will be the first to expose the enemy?

3. Gangster( 2007)

Rating - 7.9

From the driver of the criminal authority, Frank Lucas himself turned into a bandit boss. He engaged in the supply of pure heroin, "crushing" competitors cheap prices and earning a million dollars a day. However, following the footsteps of the drug baron, there is a rare type for New York - an honest policeman.

2. City of God( 2002)

Rating - 8

The second place in our mafia collection is the Brazilian criminal drama about the slums in the city of carnivals of Rio de Janeiro. They reign over crime, drug addiction and lawlessness. The film very well shows the reality of the gangster quarter, in which a bandit becomes much easier than an honest man.

In fact, the shooting in the "City of God" was so dangerous that the action was filmed in neighboring, less criminal areas.

1. Apostates( 2006)

Rating - 8.4

Tops the top films about the mafia story about "moles" - embedded agents. One of them is the Irish Mafiosi( Matt Damon), who portrays a policeman. The other is William Costigan( Leonardo DiCaprio), who in the strictest secrecy was introduced into the gang of sadist and psychopathic Francis Castello( Jack Nicholson).The director of "The Departed" Martin Scorsese created an amazingly interesting and cruel film, which until the last moment keeps the viewer in suspense "what will happen?" And the ending will make even those who are accustomed to unpredictable turns of the plot be surprised.