Rating of the most terrible horror films under the version of "Guardian"

Horror movies are loved by many. They are designed to frighten, cause an atmosphere of waiting, stress. . adrenaline is produced in huge quantities while watching such films, and there is a splash of accumulated emotions. The British newspaper "Guardian" compiled the rating of the most terrible horror films , taking into account the opinions of readers and authoritative critics. However, perhaps not everyone will agree with this rating, because only everyone for himself can determine how terrible this or that film is.

1. "Psycho"( Psycho), directed by Alfred Hitchcock

1960, USA

A woman, tired of her own life, steals $ 40,000 at work and escapes. Tired of a long ride, she decides to stop at a remote motel, where the police are unlikely to find her. But there she faces a phenomenon much more terrible than the police and prison. The manager of the hotel youth suffers from a split personality, and in his mind sometimes commands a long-dead mother who does not like the attraction of the son to the girl. The mother decides to kill the woman and embodies the plan in reality in the bathroom. .

Following the girl's tracks is a famous detective who reveals the secret of the terrible hotel, but eventually dies himself, having told everything that he knows to the sister and former lover of the deceased girl. .

2Rosemary's Baby, Roman Polanski

1968, USA

Young couple Guy and Rosemary move to New York's Bremford, where they are obsessed with eccentric neighbors. Once Rosemary imagined that her husband, turning into a devil, raped her on a yacht. Soon the girl finds out that she is pregnant. Joy is overshadowed by the strange events surrounding the young couple and their neighbors, who, as Rosemary begins to suspect, are participants in the satanic cult. And they have their own plans for the girl's child. .

It's interesting that the high priest and the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, was invited to the premiere to advertise the film.

3. "Do not Look Now", Nicholas Roug

1973, Italy, United Kingdom

A film based on a later novel by Daphne DuMorier, who recognized the adaptation as the most successful of her works. The story tells how the British family loses their beloved daughter, who drowned in a pond. Grief-stricken spouses go to Venice, where they help in the restoration of the local church. There the couple gets to know two sisters, one of whom is completely blind and claims to have come into contact with the spirit of the deceased girl. And the sisters warn the young family of the dangers that threaten them in Venice, but the husband is skeptical about this information. .

4. "The Wicker Man", Robin Hardy

1973, UK

On the island of Summerland, whichis located near Scotland, police sergeant Gobi arrives in order to investigate the loss of the local girl. However, local residents are not at all happy about his investigation and himself, sometimes it even grows into hostility. At first, all residents denied that the girl that the inspector showed them in the photo was generally living on this island. When it turns out that the girl was still, all sharply "remember" that yes, she lived, but died six months ago. However, when Gobi reveals the girl's grave, there is a rabbit's carcass. .

In a remake shot in the US in 2006, the main role( wicker man) was played by Nicolas Cage, but the film provoked extremely negative reviews of film critics and fans.

5. The Shining, Stanley Kubrick

1980, USA

One of the many adaptations by Stephen King tells how an unfortunate writer hires a watchman in the winter to a mountain hotel where he moves with his wife and son. Strange ghosts visit the writer and his son, but they do not take visions seriously. But when winter snowstorms sweep the way out of the hotel, dreams turn into a real nightmare. .

Until 1990, this film was the most lucrative adaptation of Stephen King's books, collecting 44,017,374 dollars.

6. "Exorcist"( The Exorcist), William Friedkin

1973, USA

The daughter of a famous actress falls ill with an unknown disease, with which doctors can not do anything. A desperate family invites a priest who makes his diagnosis - an obsession with the devil. Despite the skeptical attitude of relatives and others who do not believe in the possibility of such a scenario, the only practicing exorcist father, Lancaster Merrin, is summoned from Asia, who begins the struggle with the devil, which costs both lives.

In the rating of the newspaper Guardian the film takes 6th line, but the weekly Entertainment Weekly named it the most terrible film in the history of cinematography.

7. Nosferatu, symphony of horror( Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens), Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

1922, Germany

This silent film is, in fact, the first surviving adaptation of Dracula by Bram Stoker, but with changed names, bothas the film studio could not acquire the rights to the novel. Similarly, unlike the novel, the action was moved to Germany in 1938, while in the book it occurs in England in the 1890s.

Real estate agent Thomas Hatter goes on a journey, learning that Earl Orlok wants to buy a house in Wiesborg. The clerk seems suspicious that the coachman refuses to deliver him to the gate of the count's castle, which he lands on the pass. At night in the castle, the count seems to be biting him in a trance, and the next night a young man sees how the Count takes several coffins, without immersing them on a cart. Hutter escapes from the castle and rushes to help the bride who liked Orlok. .

8. "Let me in"( L? T den r? Tte komma in), Thomas Alfredson
2008, Sweden

Based on the novel of the same name by Iuna Aidida Lindqvist, whowas the film's screenwriter. A 12-year-old boy named Oscar lives in a small village near Stockholm. Every day he suffers humiliation from peers, and every night he thinks through a plan for revenge, describing the murders of the offenders in detail. His life abruptly changes after he met a new neighbor named Eli. This strange girl is not cold in winter in light clothes, and for food she needs only blood. The children quickly become involved, and Eli explains to Oscar the need to rebuff the offenders. .

9. Mirrors, Alexander Aja

2008, USA, Germany, Romania

Former police officer Ben Carson, suspended from work after an accident, became an aggressive and inclined manthe use of alcohol, because of which the wife and children are increasingly moving away. Ben arranges a watchman in a burnt out department store, which was once a symbol of luxury and prosperity. During the bypass, Carson observes that the numerous mirrors keep a terrifying mystery in them, and when they look in, they see images that amaze the imagination. After Ben learns of the death of his predecessor, he begins an investigation. The film claims to be on the list of the most terrible horror films of the 21st century.

10. "Call"( Ringu), Hideo Nakata

1998, Japan

This most box office of horror in Japan tells of a strange cassette in which a woman reports of an imminent death, and then the apartment rings and a voice in the tube says one single phrase: "Did you see this".And after 7 days, the looker dies. The young woman reporter Reiko Asakawa is studying all the data on this cassette, especially interested in her after the death of her niece and her friends. Reiko finds a house in which the teenagers looked at the cassette and watched it herself, and soon a bell rang. The reporter asks for help from her husband, and their joint investigation leads them to a story forty years ago about the daughter of a psychic who could kill with the power of thought.