Top 10 worst Russian remakes

There are excellent films, there are bad films, and there are films that, when you remember, you want to frown and whisper "I will never look at this in my life again. .." Many of the latter include remakes of domestic production.

We present to you the top 10 worst Russian remakes. It is compiled on the basis of a comparison of the ratings of users of the most popular portal.

Earlier we published the best Russian films of 2015-2016, the rating is based on the ratings of the public.


  • 10. "Office romance.(2011)
  • 9. "Three Musketeers"( 2013)
  • 8. "Happy Guys")( 2014)
  • 7. "Gentlemen, good luck!"( 2012)
  • 6. "Carnival Night2 "(2006)
  • 5." Return of the Musketeers "(2009)
  • 4." Still Karloson! "(2012)
  • 3." Adventurers "(2012)
  • 2." The Man from Boulevard Capuchino "
  • 1. "The Caucasian captive"( 2014)

10. "Office romance. Our time "(2011)

  • The remake rating is 4.1 points.
  • The rating of the original - 8.3 points.

It's not enough to put the heroes of the film in the realities of our time. It is also necessary that they touch the soul of the audience. And for this, the director of the level of Eldar Ryazanov and the actors who fully got used to the images are required. This is not enough for the modern Mymra and Novoseltsev.

9. "Three Musketeers"( 2013)

  • The remake rating is 4.1 points.
  • The rating of the original - 8 points.

Not the only picture about the musketeers in the rating of the worst Russian remakes.3D technology did not save D'Artagnan and his companions from failure, as the young audience did not react to the film, and the mature audience remembers and loves other musketeers.

8. "Jolly Guys")( 2014)

  • The remake rating is 3.9 points.
  • The rating of the original - 7.3 points.

Smiley in the name of the remake did not help him attract viewers. The witty comedy of Grigory Alexandrov, with its abundance of bright and eccentric scenes and an amazing musical component, still benefits from the modern version.

7. "Gentlemen, good luck!"( 2012)

  • The remake rating is 3.1 points.
  • Rating of the original - 8.5 points.

On the charm of Evgeny Leonov, Georgy Vitsin, Saveliy Kramarov and Radner Muratov kept the "classic" Gentlemen. What was the remake of? Is that the absence of vulgar jokes, love theme and finale, which of the comedy turned the picture into an action movie.

6. "Carnival Night 2"( 2006)

  • The remake rating is 2.7 points.
  • The rating of the original - 7.9 points.

The first half of the film is unlikely to disappoint viewers. But when the "Blue Light" begins it becomes difficult to restrain a yawn. Music numbers and half are not as good as in the original "Carnival Night".

5. "Return of the Musketeers"( 2009)

  • Rating of the remake - 2,8 points.
  • The rating of the original - 6.9 points.

This "masterpiece of the comedy trash" according to the accurate response of one of the spectators is an attempt to exploit the pleasant memories of the audience about Soviet films about the Musketeers. Alas, the children of the Musketeers and their parents who returned from the other world could not repeat the success that accompanied the "old guard".

4. "Another Carloson!"( 2012)

  • The remake rating is 2.7 points.
  • The rating of the original - 7.6 points.

Family comedy with Michael Galustyan in the role of Carloson. The audience did not appreciate the childish jokes and the bad play of the actors-children. But many liked the beautiful graphics and soundtrack.

3. "Adventurers"( 2012)

  • The remake rating is 1.5 points.
  • The rating of the original - 7.89 points.

Adventure comedy based on the 1967 film with Alain Delon.

Repeating jokes, indistinct dialogues, non-dangerous dangers( the automatic queue will fall into all but the main characters, crocodiles are just part of the entourage) and lack of action - these are the main drawbacks of the remake. The only plus: you can admire the beautiful scenery.

2. "Man from Boulevard Cappuccino"

  • Rating of remake - 1.3 points.
  • The rating of the original - 8 points.

Mediocre humor, mediocre actor's play, melodies that you forget already at the exit from the cinema. Add to this an illogical scenario and understand why the picture is not popular with viewers.

1. "The Caucasian captive"( 2014)

  • The remake rating is 1.1 points.
  • The rating of the original - 8,5 points.

The worst Russian remake of recent years. Leonid Gaidai's comedy of the same name is remembered and loved not only by the Soviet generation, but also by the younger generation. But to love her "modern repetition" is not easy. The fact is that the picture of 1966 with her witty jokes and magnificent cast made a very high bar, which the remake creators could not jump over. The natural result: a failure in the film distribution and an abundance of negative feedback from viewers. And "the desecration of the Soviet film" - not the worst of the reviews, there are epithets and stronger.