The best beaches of Yalta in 2015 in Massandra

Yalta without exaggeration can be called one of the the most famous resorts of the Crimean peninsula , and it is famous, because dozens of Soviet movies were shot here, songs were sung about the resort and they composed poems, local beauties were oiled with canvas by such masters of painting as Aivazovsky and Myasoedov.

There is no sense in listing the full track record of a wonderful town on the Black Sea coast: it's enough just to visit here once and for all to fall in love with Yalta's expanse, steep slopes, the air saturated with sea coolness and freshness, historical monuments and, of course, kilometers of beaches,spread all along the coast. About the beauty and comfort of the latter and will be discussed today, because it is the pebbly and sandy beaches of Yalta in 2015, serve as a fundamental resort leisure in the Crimea.


  • Massandra beach of Yalta
  • The best paid beaches of Yalta in the Massandra zone
    • 1. Cuervo Bay
    • 2. Corona Beach
    • 3. Grand M Beach

Massandra beach of Yalta

The undisputed leader of the reviews in the race for the title of the best beach of Yalta , and even the Crimea in general! Massandra beach - for the most part - is usually called a beach complex, because it includes several terraces, cafes and restaurants of world cuisine, a water park and six beaches, three of which have the status of increased comfort and are subject to payment for visiting.

The best paid beaches of Yalta in Massandra zone

1. Cuervo Bay

Admission price: 350 rubles / person.

Located in the heart of the Massandra complex. Guests can enjoy a wide range of water activities, such as water skiing and scootering, parasailing and much more. On the territory of Cuervo Bay there is also a beach bar with a huge selection of refreshing and alcoholic drinks. Talk about such trivial things as the presence of sun loungers and beach umbrellas - just silly, there is everything and in the best possible way!

2. Corona Beach

Price: 300 rubles / person.

Every visitor to the "Crown" has to spend unforgettable moments on one of the most fun beaches of the Crimean peninsula .The list of upcoming events scheduled for the summer is formed long before the start of the season. One of the brightest events of the year on this beach of Yalta according to visitors' reviews is the evening of classical music "The Symphony of the Clean Coast".The rays of the Yalta sun, the sound of the surf, the invigorating music and the cold beer Corona Extra will turn the spa holiday into a delightful holiday!

3. Grand M Beach

Price: 400 rubles / person.

This is a real Mecca of fun in the heart of the city. Grand M without exaggeration is considered one of the most fashionable places on the Black Sea coast. Noisy parties, a sea of ​​champagne and tequila, terrific dishes of a local restaurant, famous DJs and no less distinguished guests - all this and much more awaits tourists in this place. Grand M is an excellent example, when the atmosphere of a secular party and resort relaxation merges into one. A unique cocktail of emotions! Of course, more than one dozen of the best beaches in Yalta are ready to receive guests with open arms, among them municipal and private, suburban and central, pebbly and sandy, compact and spacious. However, none of them can not compete with the service and purity of Massandra. Massandra beach of Yalta - a pledge and a guarantee of good mood and unforgettable rest!