The best places in the world for relaxation

Work, home, a bunch of household chores, and the next day again to work. And so the whole year round the most people live in the world. This routine is not saved even the weekend, because they are sorely lacking. The only salvation is leave, which you can not refuse in any way. All the money still does not work, but the emaciated organism necessarily "will fail".

And it would be great to go not to overpopulated resorts, but to places where it's quiet and peaceful. Where resting is not only the body, but the soul. There are many places for relaxation on earth. All do not list, so let's name just a few of them.


  • Slovenia, Lake Bled
  • Greece, Crete, Lake Kourna
  • Austria, Green Lake Park
  • Tanzania, Zanzibar Archipelago, Fr. Pemba
  • Swiss Alps, the village of Wals

Slovenia, Lake Bled

The lake is famous for its beautiful nature. It is surrounded by the Julian Alps and forests. The air here is crystal clear, and the water is emerald. In the center of the pond is the eponymous island.

The island has two attractions. The first is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. To get into it, you have to overcome 99 steps. Here often come newlyweds. According to legend, the groom should take the bride in his arms and go through all the steps, then they will live happily ever after.

Ancient castle Bled( XI century) - the second attraction of the island. Climb to the castle observation deck, and before your eyes will open a magnificent panorama of the lake, islands and mountains.

Greece, Crete, Lake Qurna

Qurna, the only freshwater lake that offers the island of Crete. It is located between the hills and the water in it is often calm, but not completely transparent due to the features of the bottom.

Here are found large freshwater turtles. You can take a boat or catamaran for travel. Tourists will find here fresh and clean air, singing of local birds.

Austria, Green Lake Park

This unusual park is located in the Alpine mountains. In winter tourists come here preferring ski holidays. With the onset of warm weather, snow begins to melt. Water accumulates at the foot of the mountains, floods the impressive territory and forms a lake with crystal clear water. In summer this temporary pond becomes an excellent place for diving.

Tanzania, the archipelago of Zanzibar, about. Pemba

Pemba is another luxury place for divers. This island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the underwater world of which you can admire for hours. Here, 250 meters from the island, there is a 4-meter above-water-underwater floating hotel. At 2 meters he is submerged in water. On the roof there is a place for people who want to sunbathe.

Special place in the hotel - a bedroom under water. Through the huge windows you can observe the underwater inhabitants even at night with the light of the searchlights.

Swiss Alps, Valls village

In the cave of this village there is a unique villa. The entrance to it is decorated in the form of an underground tunnel. To admire the thermal springs and beauties of the Swiss Alps, you do not even need to leave the hotel. It is enough to stay on its cozy terrace.

And how many more places in the world where you can enjoy SPA treatments and Thai massage, admire the stars on the sandy beaches of a deserted island and meet the dawns of extraordinary beauty. .. You can and need to visit them, you just need to want!