The world's most expensive air travel

The plane, of course, is not the cheapest mode of transport. And yet other quotations are surprising. Although there are travelers who are willing to pay thousands of dollars or euros for several hours of flight, if the price includes maximum comfort and a set of pleasant additional services.

In today's top five, presents the world's most expensive air travel .The flight by any of the flights described in the Top 5 is a complete immersion into a real world of luxury and comfort.


  • 5. First class flights from Emirates
  • 4. First class flights from ANA
  • 3. Flights from the Four Seasons
  • hotel network 2. Luxury onboard the Airbus A380 from Singapore Airlines
  • 1. The flights from The Etihad

5First class flights from Emirates

Emirates have first class in A380, A340-500, and some modifications of Boeing 777. The flight from Moscow to Dubai will cost from $ 4,720. In each separate cabin of the first class there is a minibar fully foldedan armchair, a luxurious menu, and access to the showerelite cosmetics Bvlgari and Timeless Spa. Access to the upper deck of the liner, where the bar is located, is open only to passengers of the first, as well as business classes.

4. First class flights from ANA

The Japanese airline offers stylish minimalist cabins with a wardrobe, satellite phone, LCD display with a diagonal of 23 inches. The cost of the flight Tokyo - Los Angeles is $ 13,960. The price includes meals, and, with the predominance of national Japanese cuisine.

3. Flights from the hotel chain Four Seasons

Unusual air ticket allows you to visit several countries and even make a round-the-world trip. The duration of the route will be from 16 to 25 days. The cost of tickets is $ 119,000 for two. In between flights, passengers spend the night in the Four Seasons hotels, and also enjoy themselves in a busy ground program.

2. Luxury onboard the Airbus A380 from Singapore Airlines

The most luxurious conditions on board are the flights of Asian airlines. So, in Singapore Airlines suites there is a leather armchair that can be folded into a comfortable bed, Dom Perignon champagne, a bathroom with cosmetics from Salvatore Ferragamo, steaks from marbled beef and royal crabs on the menu. The cost of the New York-Frankfurt ticket in this suite is $ 6,186.

1. The Etihad

Class The Residence The new class appeared in 2014 on flights of one of the best airlines in the world. On the route London - Abu Dhabi passengers are offered cabs resembling suites of five-star hotels. Naturally, guests have their own butler, and the meal is prepared by a personal chef. The cost of the flight ticket for The Residence is $ 39 806.