Rating of the best PVC profiles of plastic windows in 2015

Plastic windows came to our homes more than 60 years ago. The first profile of PVC began to be produced by German industrialists, they are traditionally famous today for high quality and reliability of windows.


  • The best plastic windows, what are they?
  • Rating of PVC profiles for windows of 2015
    • 5. Schuco
    • 4. KBE
    • 3. JUK
    • 2. Veka
    • 1. REHAU

The best plastic windows, what are they?

When choosing plastic windows, it's not easy to understand which ones are better. A good window should protect against temperature fluctuations, provide noise insulation, do not lose its aesthetic qualities over time, provide easy maintenance and ease of operation.

And the profile should be chosen taking into account all climatic features of the region and the purpose of the window. Thus, in the middle band, the choice of a 70-millimeter profile is justified, and in the northern latitudes it is better to prefer a width of 90 mm. For the window in the children's room is important noise insulation and the lack of drafts, and for the country window one of the main factors will be affordable price.

If you approach the selection of PVC with great care, then the best plastic windows will serve the owner for several decades. And in order to choose it was easier, we offer our selection on the topic.

Rating of PVC profiles for windows in 2015

When selecting PVC profiles for windows in the rating, we evaluated the sales statistics, customer reviews on the Internet, and the popularity of the brand, including search queries.

The result was our list of five leading manufacturers, which is useful to all who wish to know which profiles of plastic windows are better than .

5. Schuco

The company's experience in the production of profiles is more than 60 years. Advantages of PVC profile from Schuco - ecological compatibility of products, variety of design solutions, high quality.

Minus can be considered a low popularity in the regions of Russia, tk. In the main, the profile of Schuco is presented in Moscow and large cities.


4. KBE

In Russia, the factories of the German company KBE are located in Voskresensk and in Khabarovsk. Advantages KBE - a wide choice of profiles of different thickness and design from 58 to 88 mm, ISO certification, as well as mandatory certification of all partners of the company that sell products from the profile.

Among the minuses, many KBE window owners say that over time the white profile turns yellow.



At its own production facilities, the company does not produce the entire profile line, the profiles SOK-370 and SOK-570 are produced by order at profine KBE plants. Naturally, this is the best way to affect quality control. The reliability and quality of are the main advantages of the profile produced under the brand name "Samara window constructions".The company became the first Russian manufacturer to win such a wide market.

The disadvantages are a small assortment and a rather high price.


2. Veka

In Russia, Veka's profile is produced by a subsidiary of a German manufacturer. There are factories of the brand in the Moscow region, Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk. The profile is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and has a German quality mark RAL.

The main advantages of the Veka profile are its wide range and exceptional reliability, as well as the manufacturer's warranty. This brand is one of the most popular PVC profiles in Europe.

The main disadvantage of Veka is the high cost of the window.



The tops the rating of plastic windows 2015 is a German company that has been manufacturing a profile in the territory of the Russian Federation since 2002.

Pros of profiles REHAU is a European quality management system, advanced introduction of the latest developments in production, high reliability. REHAU is consistently in the lead in the ratings of manufacturers. The main disadvantage of this profile is its relatively high price.

Having studied all the pros and cons of various manufacturers, it is much easier to decide which plastic window is best to choose.

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