Top 7 free Android training apps

The new school year is the time to put off mobile games and download to the phone or tablet applications for study. On Google Play, there are many great programs that make life easier for students and students.

We present to you top-7 free training applications for Android , which will be useful to those who day after day "gnaws granite science."


  • 7. Evernote
  • 6. Duolingo
  • 5. Todoist
  • 4. Squid
  • 3. Grammar of the Russian language
  • 2. Translate. Ru
  • 1. NeuroNation

7. Evernote

This application allows you to create multimedia notes and notebooksas a way to organize notes).You can make audio notes( with the recording of lectures in the classroom), and add photos of the educational board or slides to the note. The created notebook can be "transferred" to the computer for further editing or send a link to it to a friend who can open it in the browser. However, he does not have to install Evernote.

6. Duolingo

This app was named "the best of the best" in 2013 by the version of Google Play. And in 2014 it was included in the list of the most downloaded programs from the category "Education".Duolingo makes it easy and interesting to learn foreign languages, earning trophies as you move from level to level. Russian users can learn English and German.

5. Todoist

Task manager with a very simple interface. Allows you to schedule your day and mark already completed tasks. There is also a desktop Todoist application, so you can synchronize tasks between platforms.

4. Squid

Using this application you can leave handwritten notes with your finger, stylus or active pen. Squid allows you to import pictures, draw shapes and add printed text to the handwritten one. Notes can be combined into notebooks and move pieces of text between notebooks and pages. Notes are exported in PDF, JPEG and PNG formats. Created in Squid drawings can be broadcast to a projector or TV screen using Miracast technology or a digital media player Chromcast, which is convenient for presentations.

3. Grammar of the Russian language

Included in the rating of the most popular free educational programs on Google Play. The developers with the help of tables and charts laid down the basic rules of the grammar of the Russian language. This training manual is useful not only for students, but also for their parents and teachers. The program does not require a connection to the Network. It allows you to adjust the font size and save the data to favorites. A fragment from the manual can be placed on a social network to, for example, win a dispute with classmates who are sure that "tin", "wood" and "glass" are written with one "n".

2. Translate. Ru

Convenient translator, allowing you to pronounce, and not type words or phrases, and then listen to the translation. You can translate both individual words, and SMS messages, full text, and the whole site. The program remembers the last 50 translations and allows you to view them offline. A free version requires a connection to the Internet for translation.

1. NeuroNation

In the form of a game allows you to train memory, logic and concentration of attention( individually or collectively).The user is offered to solve one of 60 tasks, from simple to complex. NeuroNation informs the "master" about the progress, as well as strengths and weaknesses. This will help to stay motivated, and see improvements from training. The exercises offered by NeuroNation are developed in cooperation with leading international scientists, based on successful experiments. Brain training will be useful to adults, it is the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and helps to minimize stress in the workplace.