Best mascara, 2015 rating

Using a good carcass does not require special skills, but it gives an amazing result, making the woman's eyes bigger and more expressive.

Rating mascara for 2015 includes the top-10 of the most high-quality and successful options, selected All of them are distinguished by low price, convenient brush and belong to well-known brands.


  • 10. Bambi Brown No Smudge
  • 5. Lincome Hypnose
  • 4. Lancome Hypnose
  • 4. Lancome Hypnose
  • 8. Lambome Hypnose
  • 3. Definicils Lancome
  • 2. Dioshow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler
  • 1. Younique 3D Fiber Lash

10. Mary Kay Lash Love

Creates long and evenly divided eyelashes without hating lumps. And the mascara is cheaper than the rest in the rating - from 1000 rubles. However, in some reviews there are complaints that it adds length, but not volume.

9. Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash

An excellent choice for those who want to get voluminous lashes without sticking them together. Suitable even for short cilia. You can buy for 19 dollars, it does not contain synthetic dyes, parabens and phthalates.

8. Cannonball Ultra Waterproof

79% of reviewers of the popular Makeupalleye beauty community who rated this mascara would like to purchase it again. Waterproof means for $ 20 successfully withstood the "field tests" in the gym and the sea, not disgraced the name of its creator - the brand Urban Decay.

7. Make Up for Ever Smoky Lash

This model for 23 dollars received the best marks from Beauty About, for being the "basic good ink".It will not stain eyelids. Some reviewers say that you need to apply a couple layers to achieve the desired result. There are many other good brands, so you can save and instead of Make Up for Ever Smoky Lash buy a product from L'Oreal or Maybelline.

6. Bobbi Brown No Smudge

It is best in this water-resistant mascara that it lengthens the eyelashes, adds to them the volume and remains very long. In the same and a disadvantage, as for its removal will require a liquid to remove makeup. The price of mascara is $ 25.

5. Blinc Tube

Five of the best in price and quality mascara, whose rating includes many well-known brands, opens the product from the American Blinc, known since 1999.Waterproof Blinc Tube Mascara for $ 26completely covers the eyelashes, and does it more evenly than any other mascara. It does not crumble and creates tiny "tubes" around the eyelashes, making them better, noticeably thicker and longer. You can rub your eyes, sob from happiness and wash your face with cold water, without fear of the appearance of "panda eyes".There is a drawback: Blinc's Tube Mascara can glue eyelashes.

4. Lancome Hypnose

In the rating of the best has got ink with an unusual bristle, which in the middle is shorter than on the sides. This helps to color the eyelashes evenly, from the base to the tips. Even after 2 layers of carcass, the appearance of "spider legs" does not threaten you. The effect after applying Lancome Hypnose is very much like overhead, and it's amazing for a means for 1800 rubles.

3. Definicils Lancome

Another mascara from Lancome was included in the rating of the best in 2015.It extends well and divides the eyelashes, but does not give them volume, so it is preferable as a daytime option. And as the evening is better to use something more voluminous, for example Lancome Hypnose. It is enough to have one layer to see the effect. The cost of Definicils Lancome is similar to Hypnose. The disadvantage is the presence of parabens in the composition.

2. Diorshow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler

This cosmetic product with a long name is one of the most expensive in the rating( $ 29), but fully justifies its value. Mascara creates long, voluminous eyelashes that look as if you are wearing overhead.

1. Younique 3D Fiber Lash

The first place ranking the best mascara for 2015.You may have seen pictures of "before" and "after" in various social networks and on reviews sites. Women publish pictures of their short little cilia before they are applied to them with the best mascara, and after this exciting process. In the photos that are devoted to the use of Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, the difference between "before" and "after" is so great that you will want to buy it to try on yourself. The price of $ 29 for a good mascara will not shake the family budget.