Rating of dog food

Correctly organized diet of a dog is the guarantee of its strong health and excellent mood.
It is quite difficult to orient in all the variety of feed offered by different manufacturers. We offer a rating of dog food , which included ten products from the "Premium" segment according to experts from the independent portal dogfoodanalysis.com. Experts analyzed more than 1500 products, evaluating each one on a 6-point scale.

We also selected the best producers of premium dog food, ranking 2016.

10. Acana Prairie Harvest is a product of the Canadian company Champion Pet Foods, awarded by experts of rating "5 stars". The main ingredient in the composition are meat products in the form of flour. Food does not contain grain ingredients, and since the use of grain crops for food is not natural for the dog, this fact can be attributed to the number of advantages.
9. Canidae Grain Free Salmon Formula The is a product of the American manufacturer, Candidae Corporation, which also has a five-star rating. The main ingredient is salmon meat. The food belongs to the category of hypoallergenic and does not contain grain components.
8. Canidae All Life Stages is another "five-star" dry dog ​​food for American-made dogs. The product includes chicken, turkey and lamb meat, as well as ocean fish meal and grain components. Today the food of the brand "Сanidae" is available mainly to consumers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
7. Acana Grasslands is made on the basis of lamb meat with the addition of vegetables, fruits, fresh eggs and probiotics. There are no grain components. Acana brands in the regions are found mainly in large chain stores, and also available for ordering via the Internet.
6. Orijen Adult is a product of Champion Pet Foods, awarded the highest rating of 6 stars. 70% of the food consists of meat ingredients. The main source of carbohydrates is potatoes, there is no grain in the composition. The Orijen products are sold mainly in the metropolitan pet stores or through the Internet shops.
5. Orijen Puppy is designed for puppies of small and medium breeds. For kids of large breeds, there is a separate product in the line - Orijen Puppy Large Breed. The nutrient content of the feed corresponds to the regulations recommended by the AAFCO( American Association for Feed Quality Control).
4. Orijen Senior - "six-star" dry food for dogs of advanced age. This premium product takes into account the age characteristics of the dog and is less caloric in comparison with Orijen Adult, intended for young and mature individuals.
3. Innova EVO Red Meat is a product of Natura Pet Products( USA). Like other products included in this rating of dog food , Innova EVO Red Meat is made on the basis of meat components( beef, lamb, buffalo meat, venison).Food is available in two versions - with pieces of large( Large Bites) or small( Small Bites).
2. Innova EVO Reduced Fat is a dry dog ​​food with reduced animal fat content, made from turkey meat and chicken. The product is non-grain. To buy food brand Innova is easier for residents of Moscow and the region, for other Russians they are available mainly through the Internet.
1. Innova EVO - universal food for adult dogs, made on the basis of chicken and turkey meat with the addition of herring, whole eggs, as well as vegetables and fruits. Produced in the form of large( Large Bites) and small( Small Bites) pieces.
All participants of our rating of dog food are available for consumers on the Russian market. Experts dogfoodanalysis.com also very much appreciate the feed of the brands Artemis Pet Food, Go Natural, Blue, Wellness Core and TOTW High, but they are not supplied to Russia, therefore they were not included in our list.