Top 10 retail chains that violate consumer rights

Rospotrebnadzor made a black list of large trading establishments in which various violations were detected during inspections conducted since 2013.Such stores have every chance to get into the audit plan for the next year. This was reported by the head of the Moscow department of Rospotrebnadzor Elena Andreeva during an interview with the online edition of

For the entire year of 2014, Rospotrebnadzor issued 4 million rubles of fines and suspended the activities of 118 facilities by court. And for the current year, Moscow's retail chains that violate consumer rights paid fines of 293 million rubles and 120 objects suspended their activities. Such a sharp increase in fines is due to the fact that Rospotrebnadzor can now suddenly come up with a check suddenly without notifying entrepreneurs.

Here's how the looks like a dozen trade networks-violators , according to the agency. Top-10 was compiled based on the results of inspections conducted in connection with appeals from residents and public companies.

  • Contents:
    • 10. "Attacks"
    • 9. "Magnolia"
    • 8. "Victoria"
    • 7. "Magnet"
    • 6. "The Seventh Continent"
    • 5. "Billa"
    • 4. "Auchan"
    • 3. "Crossroads ยป
    • 2." Dixie "
    • 1." Pyaterochka "

10." Attack "

This chain of stores belongs to the French group" Auchan ".It offers consumers products of the brand "Auchan", products of private brands, as well as its own brand "Every Day".

9. "Magnolia"

The network includes 150 grocery stores "walking distance", each store has its own meat workshop, offering meat semi-finished products, cutlets and sweets.

8. "Victoria"

As of December 2014, the network of food stores "Victoria" consisted of 94 stores. Their advantages for customers: the availability of a discount card, a rich assortment, fresh pastries. There are also negative reviews about "Victoria" about: high prices, different prices( indicated in the booklet and on the price tag in the store), the presence of spoiled and expired products.

7. "Magnet"

Most of the stores of this company have the format "in walking distance".In 2015, Forbes Magazine included the retailer Magnit in the top 100 most innovative companies in the world.

6. "The Seventh Continent"

One of the largest participants of the retail market in Russia, with 156 stores in different regions of Russia. In 2011, the "Seventh Continent" was already in the field of view of Rospotrebnadzor, then the agency checked 85 stores in 10 administrative districts of the capital. Violations of legislation in the field of consumer rights protection and sanitary and epidemiological requirements were found in all outlets.

5. "Billa"

Belongs to the German REWE Zentrale. We love buyers for a huge range of products, including confectionery products, household chemicals and beauty products, regular promotions. Negative feedback from consumers is due to the presence of rotten products, the discrepancy between prices on the price tag and on the scales, the discrepancy between the stated and the real mass of products.

4. "Auchan"

The network of food hypermarkets is periodically criticized for violating consumer rights. In August 2015, Rospotrebnadzor published the results of a study of samples of meat products selected in the Auchan stores of the Moscow and Tula oblasts. In part of samples from the Moscow region, listeria was found and the contents of Escherichia coli were increased.

3. "Crossroads"

As of September 30, 2014, the Perekrestok trade network consisted of 389 supermarkets in 8 regions of the Russian Federation. In 2009, Vladimir Putin( then prime minister) came to one of the chain stores and, after the visit, expressed the opinion that the margin for goods in Pyaterochka was too high.

2. "Dixie"

The second place in the top 10 retailers-infringers went to the company "Dixie".It was the first in Russia to receive exclusive sales of products from a number of international brands, such as Unilever, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Henkel, etc. In 2012, it launched its own brand "D", and in 2014 the retail chain opened its 2000 store.

1. Pyaterochka

Pyaterochka network unites 5,400 stores throughout Russia and in 2010 was recognized as the No. 1 brand by the results of the Annual People's Trust Award . Here and in the anti-rating of retail chains 2015, "Pyaterochka" won first place, although it is not prestigious to brag to consumers.